Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Day in the Life - Last Friday

Today I'm sharing a Day in the Life from last Friday!

I was up and at 'em at 6:15...

... and by up and at 'em I mean browsing the candle sale at Anthropologie ;) hahahaha

Actually out of bed around 6:25....

.... dressed and ready by 6:50 which included getting some kid hair fixed.  While I was getting ready Dave oversaw the kids packing up, eating breakfast, etc. 

It was our first pep rally of the year so I had to break out my MUSTANGS jacket ;)  Horribly pic, cute jacket.  Sidenote - my hair is always super curly right after I do it but relaxes a bunch by the time I get to school.

Packed up some grading I had done the night before, snapped a quick outfit pic...

... and we were heading out by 7:00 because...

... we were making a donut run ;)

I was grabbing a couple dozen donuts for my 8th grade girls small group I was doing and my kids talked me into getting them something too ;)  How could i say no to those cute faces!

My kryptonite??? Blueberry glazed.  AMEN.

At school, prepped and ready for kiddos by about 7:30...

I had a few extra minutes so I unpacked my graded papers...

... and started putting stickers on all the A's ;)  (that's my classroom policy... I grade about 100 papers a day so if I did a sticker on EVERY paper I'd be spending all my money on stickers - hahahaha)

We were running a bit of a wonky schedule because of the pep rally so up first was my small group...

... the 8th grade girls and I had a really sweet talk about "leaning not on our own understanding" and prayer and then...

.... headed to the gym for the first pep rally of the year.  Nothing like almost 700 kids screaming at 8 a.m. to get you going on a Friday ;)

Luke was SO NERVOUS because drumline was performing but he did SO GREAT!!!

After the pep rally I hit the ground running and taught two Math 7 classes...

... did a review activity with my Algebra class...

... and taught a PreAlg class before lunch.

I LOVE incorporating little art projects into my classes and Friday all 5 of my periods were doing some sort of art enrichment which MADE MY DAY!

Dave is off on Fridays and he was out and about doing oil changes and the like and brought me my FAVORITE salad from Salata.  On Fridays our principal runs the lunch room and all the middle school teachers eat together in the work room.  It's my FAVORITE lunch of the week and we always laugh SO HARD.

After lunch I taught one more PreAlgebra class and then school released at 1:15 (we do early release every Friday).  Griffin went home with a friend and the boys hung out in my classroom while I sent out a couple emails and got myself organized before heading out. 

I typically have a staff meeting on Fridays but we had parent night on Monday and we had a meeting-free Friday as a "thank you" for the LATE night on Monday.

My goal was to be out by 2:00 and I did it!

And yes... that's Luke scarfing down a leftover donut ;)

Home and it was time for Meatloaf to have a soak...

... and for Mason to try on some new TCU gear for the season.

All three of the boys wanted to "rest"...

... and I decided to tackle a huge mess that had been accumulating in my office.

There was a new Halloween tree boxed up in my office and OF COURSE I had to get it out "just to see" ;) hahahaha

It took about an hour and PHEW it felt good!

I ran to pick up Griffin around 4:30...

... and then we all did a little bit of the end-of-the-week-hussle clearing out backpacks and lunchboxes and all that jazz before heading to the stadium for the football game.  Dave took Luke a bit early to perform at the pregame tailgate with drumline and G, Mason and I picked up two of Mason's buddies and made it there in time for the 7:00 kickoff.

It was neon night and the kids had a blast running around, kind of watching, eating nachos and throwing the football with their buddies while Dave and I had a great time catching up with friends.

Band was off 3rd quarter and I ran into these sweet kids while making my way to the concession stand to grab more water.

The crew I brought with me and I left at the end of third quarter and decided to make a Dairy Queen run on the way home.  We were the last customers for the night (they actually locked us in which was cracking us up) and as we waited for our chicken tenders and blizzards some of us measured each other with phone apps...

... while others struggled just tried to keep their eyes open ;)

On the way home we had a couple of kids with drippy ice cream which they tried holding out the window to prevent an in-car-situation.  Well... that didn't end well.  hahahaha  We pulled over to assess what had happened and found this...

WE COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!!!  We tried to "wash" as much off as we could using the windwhield wiper squeegie thing and called it good for the night ;) 

Dropped off our extra kids...

... and then headed home.  I walked Rosie while Mason and G took showers and then I aggressively sprayed my head with dry shampoo and washed my face before jumping into bed ASAP ;) 

Dave and Luke got home around 11:00 and this kid was excited to tell me all about his night...

... and Dave and I ate grilled cheese sandwiches in bed before calling it a night around midnight.  

WHEW!!! What a fun day!  Fridays crack me up because I'm either in bed at 5:30 with pizza ordered or I'm running around with a car full of kids until close to midnight.... there's no in between. 

Thanks for following along on my Friday!


  1. I'm still focused on the getting up at 6:15 part! LOL. We're out the door by 6:30 so I am pretty jealous of that. It sounds like it was a wonderful Friday; how can it not be starting the day with yummy donuts?! Yum. Hope all that ice cream washed off the car just fine.

  2. I love these kind of posts! What a fun, busy day! I'm super jealous that ya'll get early release every Friday. That would be amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Blueberry glazed is without a doubt, the absolute best!

  4. Can you please share which Bible you're using in these photos? I'm searching for a journaling Bible and struggling to find just the right one. I like the way yours is laid out.

  5. I love reading your blog but for whatever reason your blog is the only one that is hard to read. It takes forever for your pictures to load on my computer and sometimes they dont load at all. I read alot of blogs and yours is the only one that does this :(

  6. What a great day! Thanks for sharing. The ice cream on the car is relatable and hilarious.

  7. I love these posts. That is so great that you have early release every Friday and blueberry donuts are definitely the best. I am in awe of how quickly you get ready in the morning.

  8. Your kids are at fun stages! I know it is busy, but there is nothing better than Friday night footballs games with all the kids!!

  9. I'd love the link to the stickers you were using on your A papers.

  10. My Fridays are the same! I am either in bed early-or out way past my bedtime!