Monday, March 7, 2022

Weekend Recap

Our weekend turned out to be super fun and memorable and so here I am again with a weekend recap after saying that I wasn't going to do one this week :) hahaha

Friday Dave and Mason headed to Waco to watch the MCA basketball team play in the final four basketball game.

The game was an early one and after the boys won (SO EXCITING!) they headed over to Baylor to see the bears...

And then to Magnolia for some lunch and wiffle ball.

G, Luke and I were at school wrapping things up before Spring Break and doing the fun run!  Well... G di the fun run, Luke and I just did classes :)

Saturday afternoon the kids, my dad and I headed BACK to Waco for the state championship game.  Luke and G wanted to see Baylor so we left a bit early to check out the campus and my little horned frog changed out of his MCA gear at the last minute to rep TCU while in Waco ;) hahaha

Someone loved her some Baylor!

and somebody really didn't like that she really liked Baylor ;) hahaha

The game was actually in West (about 25 mins North of Waco) so after our stop at Baylor we headed that way with a pitstop for kolaches from Czech Stop before the game.  Strawberry cream cheese and raspberry cream cheese are my personal faves.

The game was crazy intense and ended up going into double overtime.   MCA won and it was such a fun moment to get to experience.

One of the coolest aspects of being a part of a school like MCA that's pre-K - 12th grades is the relationships that the younger kids build with the older kids.  Campuses mix often in and out of the classroom and it's so cool to watch your kids look up to these older students (lots of who sat in my classroom) ;)

It was precious because they all started asking the players to sign their basketballs, shirts and shoes.  Not sure whose day was more "made" :)


Sunday we did all the normal Sunday things and we celebrated Rosie turning TWO!  We made her a "cake" using a few of her favorite things (apples, string cheese and peanut butter)...


HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Rosie!! Happy birthday. Baylor’s campus really is beautiful.

  2. Rosie was rocking that hat! Happy Spring Break!

  3. We were in Waco on Friday and I am so sad we didn't stop at Czech Stop. It was super late, but still your picture made me want a kolache.

  4. When Rosie blew her candles out with her breath on stories I died laughing!

  5. Happy Birthday to Rosie!! Looks like you guys had a great start to your Spring Break!

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday to Rosie! I remember her puppy pictures. She sure has grown and what a wonderful birthday cake:)


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