Monday, March 8, 2021

See ya' tomorrow! :)

 I'm not sure if this is just a quirk of mine or if other teacher/moms are like this as well but I really can't Spring "break" until I feel like I have my life together and if I'm being honest things were at a pretty high level of "not together" around here after a few crazy weeks.  

This weekend we were able to get our house cleaned, I was able to get my 3000 papers (not really but it felt like it!) from last week graded and entered and NOW I feel like the "break" can really start.  We have no plans other than enjoying some great weather and hanging with friends and tackling a few things on my to-do-list.  

All that to say - I don't have a new post for y'all today since I really needed a full weekend to get things together but I'll be back tomorrow ;)

HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!


  1. Take the week off from blogging!! Enjoy it! We can wait!

  2. See ya! Please do take your time to recharge.


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