Thursday, June 18, 2020

Star Mobile Craft

Over the weekend Griffin made a star mobile and she couldn't be more proud.  I saw the idea on the  art bar blog and couldn't wait to let G try it out.  The older the kids get the more open-ended the crafts get and the more fun the results are :) 

I drew out some stars on a cardboard box and then Griffin cut them out.  My pencil outlines were just a guide... her stars turned out a bit wonky which made them so much better.  Cardboard can be hard to cut, so we worked from the outside in... I cut a square and then she cut each point "in".   Hoping that makes sense!

We painted both sides with a coat of metallic gold acrylic paint...

... and then she (and Mason!) went to town on the stars and some wooden beads with the paint and glitter...

We created a little hoop out of some jewelry wire (you could use a coat hanger as well) and then threaded on the beads.  We punched holes in the stars and then just hung the stars at varied heights. 

She wanted it hung by her reading nook so that's what we did...

This was super fun and simple and she was really pleased with the finished product.  It would be SO CUTE in red, white and blue as well.

Happy Thursday and happy crafting, friends!!!


  1. Since following you I have acquired a new love for plants and the need to have green in my life. Silly question Andrea... It looks as if there are two live plants and 1 artificial on Griffin's shelf. Is that correct? BTW my son is a G too (Giani)


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