Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving, Harry Potter, Horned Frogs and Princesses

Well, if that title didn't draw you in I"m not sure what will :)  The past few days have been PACKED with fun stuff and so today is a catch-all post documenting some of the fun things we've been up to.

First off - Thanksgiving!  Dave headed into work pretty early (it's a big day at the country club so he's there all day) and in years past we've taken a family pj pic before he goes into work but this year kids were still sleeping when he left #thankful :) hahaha

Everyone woke up, my mom came over to help me get the turkey in and do some other prep and Mason and Griffin worked on some signage for the house.  Because, of course they did!

The rest of the day was pretty low key... we hung out, watched the parade, played outside a bit and watched the dog show...

We prepped food...

... and were SO EXCITED when my brother Mark showed up with Beau, Davis and Bennett.  Jack was fighting a virus and so he and Diana stayed at home ;(

Uncle Mark even got to hold Gary Patterson :) hahaha

And we all fought over holding Bennett...

YOU. GUYS!!!  Raise your hand if you love Thanksgiving!

Laser tag happening among the Duplo and Thomas the Train chaos - LOVE IT!

Dave worked until around 4:00 and so we ate around 5:30 or so and when my mom and I were in the "final push" (y'all know what I'm talking about, right?!?! Where all the sides are coming out at the same time and you're carving turkey and thickening gravy and ALL THE THINGS) we turned on Monsters, Inc. to keep our own monsters out of the kitchen and I was cracking up at this full couch.

A few years ago I started buying matching pjs for the cousins and this year was an extra challenging year since I needed newborn up through size 12 with a "non-tight-pant option" for my boys.  After dinner we played and then got everyone in their pjs and I can't even handle the cuteness :) 

And yes... I have every intention of buying matching jammies until forever.  The end. 

Griffin was SO EXCITED to match the twins!!!  She was sad that Jack wasn't there to "twin" with her and Bennett but that just means that we'll have to do this sweetness again soon :)

100% my happy spot.  There's NOTHING better than a newborn.

Friday afternoon we bundled up and headed to Ft. Worth for the last TCU football game of the season.  The weather wasn't ideal BUT we ate burgers and chips and queso on a covered rooftop patio, spent time with some awesome friends and had a blast cheering on the frogs.

Griffin and I had to leave around halftime to head back toward McKinney for Disney on Ice but the boys made it on the big screen which pretty much made the game the best ever despite the loss.  Actually, I take that back... the highlight was a streaker (although he was wearing boxers so was he really a streaker??) trying to run across the field and getting handcuffed and arrested right in front of them.  "MOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!  Can you even believe it?!?!"  

Griffin and I left Ft. Worth and made it home with about 10 minutes to change and head to Disney on Ice!  We went two years ago and she LOVED it so when it came to the event center about 10 minutes from our house again this year I knew we had to go again.

The show was SO GOOD!!!

She SQUEALED on multiple occasions and I was torn between watching her reactions and watching the show.

We both enjoyed this show more than the one we saw a couple of years ago - it had a ton of her favorite princesses and it had some parts from Coco as well which we LOVED!!!  This was the Dream Big show and I highly recommend it if it comes to your area!

 Sunday was a day that Luke and I have been counting down to for MONTHS!!!  Back in the summer I got us tickets to see Harry Potter in concert and we were SO EXCITED!!!  We grabbed lunch at La Madeline (his lunch pick is ALWAYS their tomato basil soup!) and then made our way to The Meyerseon...

He REALLY wanted to wear his Halloween costume but I could tell he was nervous that he would be the only one dressed up but as soon as we walked in and he saw a TON of people in full costume, house color scarves, glasses, etc. he relaxed and put on his robe :) 

They played the movie on a huge screen and then the Dallas Symphony Orchestra played the score... it was GORGEOUS!!!  We both decided that it's absolutely the best way possible to watch a movie and can't wait until the next one.

I absolutely treasure one-on-one time with my kids!

Okay, that was A LOT!!!  But there is so much fun stuff happening right now! 

Happy Monday and Happy DECEMBER, friends!!!



  2. Oh my, love, love the sweet pictures of them all in their pj's.

  3. Would it be weird if I borrowed those babies?!

  4. We do cousin pajamas too and this year had to buy newborn through age 14 (adult small). My mom bought Cousin Crew shirts from a shop on Etsy and then Wondershop pajama pants from Target. Just a suggestion for you next year as the pants were not tight fitting which is also our requirement.

  5. All the babies 😍
    I was shocked at how many kids were wearing full our house robes and gear! It was so, so fun and I can’t wait to go back for another concert soon!!

  6. The matching PJ pic is my fave!!! Newborns are the best and Luke at HP is just too much fun!

  7. all those boys and that sweet girl!

  8. We have tickets to dream big for a birthday surprise for our daughter. Are all the princesses part of the show? I want to have a dress ready to go for her!


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