Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  For whatever reason this week has been super hectic and I feel like I've been confused about day it is (SERIOUSLY!) at least half a dozen times.  I deep down in my soul thought that Tuesday was Wednesday so this week has just been extra long :) 

Erika Narci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us all you have to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

One of my very FAVORITE things about heading back to school is my kids renewed interest in playing with their toys when we get home in the afternoon and on the weekends.  We've had a TON of great, quiet, playtime at home thanks to being at school all day.

 Independent, imaginative play is my FAVORITE and  Walmart has become my go-to for great quality toys at the best prices.    Their online selection is AWESOME with most of it shipping straight to you in two days. 

Playmobil is a newer FAVORITE at our house and it's JUST as good as it was when I was a kid.  My brother and  played with Playmobil all the time and I love that these toys really haven't changed in quality and detail.  We haven't had much Playmobil up to this point because it's pretty teeny and has a TON of pieces (which is great for older kids) but we've jumped on the wagon and all three of my kids are LOVING IT!

Griffin is obsessed with all things horses and she has played every day after school with  this horse barn set (35% off!).  So much so that it's actually been set up on our coffee table for about two weeks now :)

Everything about it is SO STINKIN' CUTE and the quality is awesome.

Mason's toy of choice lately has been  Tegu blocks (40% off!!).  They're these amazing quality wooden blocks with magnets inside them that he's been constructing cars, race tracks and towers with.  He was explaining polarity to Griffin the other day while playing with them which I thought was so cute.

They're great when building structures because the magnets give them some stability they wouldn't have otherwise allowing him to have some great success in building without stuff toppling over.

And my kiddos have been combining them with some of our other FAVORITE magnetic toys for even more fun.

I NEVER in a million years thought I would be as big of a fan of Mason's bearded dragon as I've become.  She has a fun little personality and dare I say that I'm starting to think she's cute?!?! 

Mason has been asking for a leash for her because he wants to take her outside more to get sun but is worried of her booking it under a bush or something and I wish I had taken a video of his face when I handed him Gary Patterson with her new wings on. 

That's one happy little boy, right there!

This girl has had a BUSY week and has taken a couple of cat naps after school.  They still had naps in kindergarten and it's been a bit of an adjustment to not have one this year.

That sweet little sleepy girl is my FAVORITE six year old :)

And my FAVORITE picture of Luke from the week...

... looking SO CUTE in his golf gear.

I was walking into school with the kids when Griffin met up with one of her little friends and the two of them just took off chatting it up ;)  FAVORITE!

We had to run to Petco to grab superworms (that's a phrase I never thought I'd be typing) and had to stop and see the kitties up for adoption.  Lolly was our FAVORITE but LORD KNOWS we don't need another cat!

And last, but not least the Greatest Showman Reimagined album has been our FAVORITE thing to listen to lately.  It's a new spin on some of our very favorite songs and it's SO SO SO GOOD!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!! I'm not sure if I'll be blogging on Monday or not... we'l see how our weekend goes :)  I hope y'all have a great long weekend planned and filled with lots of fun!!!

PS - This post contained affiliate links and was sponsored by Walmart.  Thank y'all so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. That leash is so cute! I just LOVED playmobile sets; they are so detailed and well made too. Between my three boys I think we had just about every set having anything to do with animals.

  2. That lizard and Mason...why do I love that so much?!

  3. I was just telling my husband that I really want a bearded dragon but he says that iguanas are THE best. I had lizards when I was little too and they are such sweet memories to me. I love Mason's joyful expression!! Here's hoping to either a bearded dragon or iguana makes its way to our house soon!

  4. Mason and Gary Patterson are just like Hiccup and Night Fury. I love it!

  5. Never did I think I would be open to letting my boys get a bearded dragon but your pics of Mason and Gary Patterson have changed my mind! So stinkin' cute!

  6. That bearded dragon is big! What a cool leash! Those blocks look like something my boys would love: we might have to get some for Christmas!

  7. Gary Patterson looks like she's posing for the photo!

  8. Aww, I love the leash what a magnificent idea and the wings are a necessity since it is a form of a Dragon a bearded one at that. :) My boys and I love those blocks we often build stuff and then my youngest will come walk through it. Life with kids is never a dull moment.

  9. mason and gary are killing me, lol

  10. i need one [so cute]


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