Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love You Brinner

We celebrated Valentine's Day with the kids last night since Dave works tonight and I thought I'd share the details today instead of on my Friday Favorites in case you were looking for a last minute SIMPLE idea or two. 

I grabbed some balloons and tulips from the grocery store (my tip is to buy the $0.99 latex balloons instead of the $10+ mylar ones because you get WAY more bang for your buck !), pulled out the cards I had picked up and prepped my kids favorite meal - brinner :)

I've mentioned before that the kids have bought me all of these fun plates for different occasions over the years and love getting them out for things like this and the kids love it when I make a big deal out of remembering the occasions and complimenting the plates... I know it seems silly, but they love it.

It was nothing super creative or time-consuming, but their little faces when they walked in and saw the balloons and the "special" set up were priceless.

Dave and I usually get the kids a present for Valentine's Day... it's been a Lego set, a Belle dress-up dress, puzzles, etc. and this year we opted for an experience for the boys (Dave is taking them to Monster Jam next weekend!) and Griffin got a necklace "just like mommy" since she has been BEGGING me to wear mine every day.

The little gift bags were a Marshalls find and they're already stuck back in the closet for next year because they're so dang cute!

I didn't do any decorating this year for Valentine's Day (some years I "feel it" and others I don't) but I did hang up this banner (it's the same shop as the happy birthday banner so many of y'all loved last year) along with a puffy garland from Michael's and I LOVE IT!

I love the colors, the patterns, the lace - all of it.

You can grab your own banner from her shop  HERE and save 10% using the code ANDREA10 :)

Dinner was a unanimous request - sausage balls (I use  Shay's recipe and they're THE BEST!), pancakes and strawberries.  Simple, yummy and leftover sausage balls for breakfasts this week.  Deal.

SO EXCITED about her necklace!  It was her first piece of "real" jewelry (and by real I just mean not plastic or made of yarn - hahaha)...

... and pumped about their Monster Jam tickets :)   The tickets were electronic (and not printable) so I wasn't sure what to actually wrap up for them so I printed off these pages and put them in the gift bags... do y'all get it???  Monster.  Jam.  Monster Jam.  They kept saying Monster Jelly and finally got the jam part - it was hilarious.

It was a really sweet little night - love notes, presents and sausage balls - what more could you ask for!  I hope that if your day is FULL of love and fun and that you get to have some special time with the ones you love the most today!

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS - the link for the banner was an affiliate link - thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Oh Andrea! What a special memory this will make for the children! You & Dave are such thoughtful parents to do the sweet things you do for your 3 little Valentines!
    I love those plates--I've seen them in past posts but where are they made? Those little bags are so pretty, I'd save them too! I hope your boys have fun at the Monster "Jelly" (that's funny) & Griffin looks so happy about her new necklace. Even though you celebrated last night, I hope you & your family have a very HaPpY VaLenTines DaY today!! :)

  2. Griffin's dress is so adorable!! What a sweet and cozy night!!

  3. We had breakfast for dinner last night too, but you know me, it wasn't nearly as festive. :) Those pancakes look so fluffy and yummy, and I adore Shay's sausage balls.

  4. I absolutely love to set a fun table and have a yummy meal for the holidays with kids!
    My older two ( teens)have to work so we’re doing dessert as a family before they go

  5. How do you get your pancakes so fluffy?

  6. How sweet is this. Her necklace and we have that nightgown! Love the fluffy pancakes, you need to share that one.

  7. What a sweet night for your family. Love the printed tickets that you made.

  8. I love how simple and sweet y'all made this holiday!

  9. Please make a post on your fluffy looking pancakes. Perfection!!!


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