Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Favorites

School is out and Christmas break is our FAVORITE!  

ErikaNarci and I are sharing our FAVORITES for the week and we'd love for you to link your Friday Favorites post with ours at the bottom of the post (don't forget to grab our graphic and link back to one or all of us!)

Griffin had her "Holiday Showcase" at dance this week and she was so excited to wear Christmas jammies!  She did a great job and is absolutely LOVING jazz and hip hop!

She got the "fancy feet" award and we're so proud of her!

We got Mason's football pictures back this week and they're my FAVORITE yet!  Look how stinkin' cute!!!

And we also got back G's cheer pictures...

Comfy cozy is ALWAYS my FAVORITE (sweater is old, cowl is by Nickichicki!)

And you better believe  this sweatshirt was my students' FAVORITE when I wore it to exams this week ;)

I'm not sure how it is in your house, but Dave was on the hunt for some of my FAVORITES this week (he's helping Santa with my stocking) :) and I pointed him in this direction...

My FAVORITE guy brought some of my FAVORITES by my classroom earlier in the week.  One of the many reasons why he's my FAVORITE!

Mason eating a Chicken Mini at his Christmas party is my FAVORITE :) 

And how cute is this game they played?!?! (ignore the fact that my funny kid decided to put it together in a fun way) :)

Yesterday I took my three FAVORITE people to go see The Grinch.  It was ADORABLE!   Best Grinch movie yet...

... and even though I mainly went so I could eat one of my FAVORITE meals ever (seriously... you need to try the Southwest Bowl if you have a Moviehouse and Eatery by you!)

... I ended up loving the movie as much as the kids.  The Grinch was a little "softer" looking than previous versions and the whole thing was just adorable.

I hope that y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend and are able to relax and enjoy as you prep and wrap and do #allthethings

Happy Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I love Griffin's Go Jesus, It's Your Birthday tee! SO CUTE! And that bowl looks DELICIOUS! Merry Christmas, friend! Love y'all! xoxo

  2. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas filled with blessings and joy!


  3. I'm so happy you're on Christmas break!! Bring on all the cozy time!!!

  4. That Christmas taco sweatshirt is amazing! I want it haha

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. We loved The Grinch too, and my kids listen to the soundtrack on Spotify all the time. Yay for Christmas Break. I love that taco shirt. I hope you have a wonderful break with your family!

  6. Merry Christmas to your sweet family! I hope you have the best time enjoying all the wonders this season brings!!

  7. I love the "all i want for Christmas is tacos" shirt

  8. I totally agree about the Grinch being adorable! I had very low expectations but we all ended up loving it and it was just the ticket to make us smile after a tough grief week. Happy almost Christmas!!

  9. We thought this Grinch movie was the best one too. Normally I am not a fan of any of the Grinch movies but I loved all the comedy they incorporated into this one. Merry Christmas!


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