Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekend Top 10

Friday was Grandparent's Day at school and we were so glad that my parents could join us as all three kids participated in a patriotic program that honored Veteran's and highlighted the Fine Arts programs.  I have a million pictures but they have a million faces of the kids classmates so you'll just have to trust me on how precious it was and look at this picture of Griffin making eyes at her Haha instead :)  Luke was part of the "fife and drum" portion as well and it was great to see him play his recorder after working hard all quarter.


After the program we headed out to the Senior Economics fair.  The econ fair has grown SIGNIFICANTLY over the years and this year there were kids partnered with restaurants selling sandwiches, sausages and edible cookie dough as well as some amazing hand-crafted items.  It was a ton of fun.  Luke and his BFF, Lincoln, who was Francis Scott Key :)

After school on Friday we played outside with our neighbors for a few hours (the weather was GORGEOUS!), ordered pizza, watched a movie and hunted down the kitty who was loose in the house and exploring the craft closet.

After a super busy week, Saturday was our "catch up day" and we started bright and early with dishes...

... and moved onto garage cleaning, backpack clean out and tackling some of our perennials that were taken down for the season by the frost last week.  Our lantana in this back garden got HUGE over the summer and we're crossing our fingers it'll come back just as pretty next Spring.

Luke is an AWESOME helper and he took care of this whole garden bed by himself.  YES, MA'AM!

We were already outside and dirty so I decided to cut the boys' hair out in the driveway because we're classy like that :)

Dave headed into work and my brother, his wife and their boys stopped by for a bit.  We played...

... colored...

... and peeked :)

Saturday late afternoon looked a lot like this...

... and Sunday morning looked a lot like this...

We spent the rest of the day decking our halls and we had the BEST TIME!!!  We jammed out to our Christmas playlist, wore our most festive pjs and got glitter EVERYWHERE :)

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. So. Much. Fun!! In the last picture, where is Griffin's necklace from? {Thanks in advance for sharing!!}

    1. Yes! I was going to ask the same. He necklace is adorable.

  2. GG's pajamas!!! Ashby is wearing hers right this minute!!!

  3. This looks like the perfect little weekend! I SO WISH our house was already all decked out for Christmas. LOVE your playroom tree!

  4. I love Luke's pizza/Christmas tree shirt! Where did you get it from?? I may or may not want one for myself ;)

  5. What a great weekend! Home ones are some of the best ones to refill the soul. The boys' shirts are adorable!! Have you previously shared where they're from?

  6. Griffin's puppy dog shirt in the park picture with her cousin - can you link that?!

  7. So many great pictures...always love to see your decorations. I cannot believe how fast Thanksgiving came around and your nephews are just adorable!!

  8. Fun weekend! Enjoy your break this week:).

  9. where did your kids tree garland come from!? Always so cute!

  10. Trust me - the lantana will come back. :)


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