Wednesday, October 3, 2018


We're BIG fans of the Christmas festival downtown McKinney but haven't made it to the Oktoberfest festival until this year.  If I'm being super honest - it's usually still super hot and since we don't drink beer the appeal has never really been there for me :)  This year we had a free Sunday afternoon and so we decided to go and check it out and I'm so glad we did because it was a blast!

There was a ton of great food...

.. and entertainment and I thought that the performers did such a great job of giving a little bit of information and history behind what they were doing and wearing.

Our very favorite place - Playstreet! - had their "On Wheels" museum there and Griffin and I stayed and played (and chatted!) while the boys went and got tickets and checked out the rides they wanted to do.

Y'all... it's the cutest.  It's a 1953 Airstream that they've converted into a mobile (air conditioned!) play space and it couldn't be cuter!

Next stop was the little midway area where they rode a few rides...

... and checked out the funhouse. Mason came out of the glass funhouse with all kinds of bumps on his head... he wasn't wearing his glasses (ooops!) and apparently was having a hard time gauging distances in there!

We've learned over the years that our kids are NOT risk takers in these kinds of scenarios.  There wasn't enough money in the world that could have convinced them to go on a few of those rides :)  Luke and Mason were in line for the ride behind him in the picture below when it started going "super speed" according to Luke and they both quickly got out of line. hahaha

The "fun slide" was a bust when Dave had to go up to the top and rescue Griffin who wanted to do it SO BAD but just couldn't make herself.  Another reason why we're not in a huge rush to head to Disney World any time soon.  I LOVE a good ride but Dave doesn't - so I'm crediting Dave for their trepidation :) 

Telling each other the tale of horror that was the top of the fun slide :)

The VW bus behind her is actually a photo booth (I've looked into hiring them a few times for dances and am determined to use her for an event sooner rather than later!)


A quick stop by the petting zoo...

... and then we stopped by the Celebrate Always booth to make "Best Day Ever" shirts!

I love the picture below because of everyone's expressions :)  

It was so cool because the kids got to pick their own shirts, screen print them and then watch them get cured.

It really was the BEST DAY EVER! :)

Funny enough, the kids favorite part of the entire day was playing giant beer pong :)  It was SO FUN and I'm trying to locate the supplies needed to bring this to our Harvest party this year!


It was such a fun afternoon and we'll definitely be putting it on our calendars for next Fall.  

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. Yay!!!! I’m so glad you guys have it a shot. Looks like a great time was had by all! This year-the weather definitely helped!

  2. Disney isn't for thrill seekers! Go now when it will be extra magical to them...and then go again and again!

    1. JUST got back from Disney with a 4 you old non thrill seeker who LOVED it!!! So many cute shows to see, parades, nighttime fireworks/shows, and character meet and greets. We did do a lot of rides that were slow. Just maybe don't take Griffin on the frozen ride in Epcot (small hill).

  3. Replies
    1. The skirt is by Taylor Joelle and the top was J Crew from Nordstrom back in the summer

  4. What a fun day! We don't have anything that big around here for Oktoberfest but my kids would love that!

    1. It was the perfect size event for them! You need to come hang out at ours :)

  5. How much fun! I love the shirts. What a fun time for your kids and I love the stories about the rides.

  6. Fun! Just a side note, Disney is so much more than rides and many of them are very mellow! The food, the shopping, the swimming, parades,shows,history in EPCOT, it really is just magical...once you go, you will be in love.

  7. Looks super fun! My kids are not big risk takers or ride-riders either but we did do Disney last year and they loved it. They are close to your kid's ages. Just FYI there is so much more to do at Disney besides rides and you can get your money's worth without them. One being characters meetings and another being the live shows they do all day. My son had the best time of the whole trip when he and my husband went over to Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom. It's an island that you ride a small raft too and there are trails and caves and wood bridges and they can play and use their imagination. Also there is the parade in MK too! So much to do besides just ride rides!

  8. Most of the rides at disney are family friendly!! They are meant for kids much younger than your kiddos. I promise you will love it!! We started going when my daughter was 3. We only did family rides. Now that she is older she likes more daring rides, but there are very few of those

  9. Oktoberfest looks so fun! Our local Pumpkin Festival starts tomorrow. I can't wait to go this weekend. I'm with your kids and Dave, I don't do rides either.

  10. That looks lie a blast!!!! My favorite part of any fair is the bag slide and funnel cake!!!!!!!!!!!


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