Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekend Recap - TCU and Family Fiesta

Happy Monday, friends! I feel likeI say this every weekend, but we could really use an extra day just to recover from all the fun we had the last two day :) 

Let me set the stage by saying that Friday was about 80 degrees outside.  Then a huge storm came through complete with hail, high winds and a tornado warning.  We woke up on Saturday morning and it was below freezing.  Perfect weather for a TCU spring game :) 

We met up with friends and headed to Ft. Worth to watch the Horned Frogs scrimmage and get to meet the players.

Super Frog!

We watched the game from the end zone and I think it was at this point that Dave checked the weather on his phone and it said it felt like it was in the twenties.  BRRRRR!!!

The kids got their faces and Griffin (of course!) chose a sparkly TCU rainbow...

When it was Mason's turn he decided that he wanted his entire face purple.  The lady kept asking  him, asked me if it was okay and then proceeded to willy wonka his face right up.  

When it was done and he saw himself in the mirror he kind of freaked out but his buddy was there to tell him how cool he thought he looked :) SWEETEST FRIENDS EVER!

He desperately wanted to go wash his face, but the game was about to end and so we had to make our way quickly back down to the field to meet the players and let the kids get some autographs.  

Mason was working REEEEEALLY hard on her frog fingers ;)

Look at that little handshake!

The players were so nice and great with the kids.  Our whole little crew was pretty star struck which was so cute to watch.

And how funny that when we told this player where the kids all went to school he goes, "Oh! My best friend so and so went there!" and I taught him (I'm SO OLD!!!)  

Oh. My. Word.

I think we have a new TCU fan.  She didn't hate it. :)  hahahaha

Love this little frog fan!

 Back in the car and trying to thaw out.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that two hours later I STILL felt like my hands were numb. 

We got home, changed into football attire and headed straight to Mason's football game.

After a trip to the grocery store, we swung through Chick-Fil-A and had a sweet little dinner when we got home.  The kids each got an apple at the grocery store so I'm counting it as a well-balanced meal :)

Sunday we had church, Luke had a Bible Drill party and then we got ready for our annual Family Fiesta.

Since all three kids have birthdays close together, we host one big "fiesta" for our families to come and celebrate the kids on a Sunday evening.  It's one of my very favorite traditions.

Each of the kids picked out a cupcake and then I topped them with these fun candles that I picked up at Party City.

Griffin picked  her dress out and it was perfect for the occasion :) 
PS - the link above is an affiliate link

She LOVES to help and always loves arranging and decorating.

It's been pretty hectic around here lately so I decided to order the food this year and it was the best decision ever. 

We ordered a build your own taco bar with shredded chicken and beef tacos and everything you could possibly want on them.  I made NOTHING and it was glorious (and usually I love making it all!).

Y'all.  Griffin got her Barbie House and I'm not sure she's ever smiled so big.

So special to get to celebrate another Family Fiesta with both of Dave's grandmothers!  Myryle turns 97 this month!


The boys got remote controlled cars and so the party moved out to the cul-de-sac.  


Big boys on the toys :)

When it started to get dark we came inside and the party looked a lot like this...

It was seriously such a great weekend.  So much fun.  So much family.

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. What a special night celebrating all three!!! And thanks for letting me interrupt for just a bit. 🙈🙈🙈

  2. Looks like the perfect weekend to me, except for the stupid weather! I'm ready for warm days again!

  3. That purple face made me laugh on this Much bday morning after spring break!!! Thanks for sharing your sweet family ❤️

  4. I LOVE how Dave is always holding Davis! That melts my heart. My husband avoids babies like the plague. 🙃

  5. ^exactly what I was going to post. SO sweet of Dave. My husband will only hold his own daughters.

  6. How did I miss that you're a TCU alum! Me too!I actually twirled there. Small small world.

    1. So funny! We're not :) Dave and I both went to UTD and are total bandwagon TCU fans thanks to SUPER enthusiastic friends :)

  7. Ummm I need Griffin's fiesta dress to be in adult sizes!

  8. Those pictures were the football players are pure sweetness! So so precious. Consider yourself honorary Midwesterners...our Spring games almost always include snow :)

  9. Precious little birthday memories! Your TCU pics definitely bring happy son played baseball there and one of my favorite things was seeing him interact with the kids after games.

  10. Oh my word!! Mason's purple face cracks me up!! What a wonderful fan!! Loving Griffin's dress at the party- so stinking cute! Looks like you all had another fun weekend!!

  11. What a wonderful weekend! I absolutely love your mantle decor! So fun!

  12. Mason's purple face made me LOL in a very quiet library! Hilarious and oh so cute!

  13. What a fun weekend! I should really combine my kids' birthdays too. We have four that are bing, bang, boom and it can get exhausting {for me}, haha!

  14. Such a fun weekend! I saw your Instastory about Fuzzy's Tacos... I LOVE this place! We don't have it in Southern IN where I live now, but after college, my hubs and I lived in Lawrence, KS (Go Jayhawks!) for about 2 years and they have a Fuzzy's there! For the whole first year we lived there I refused to go, bc I thought the name just sounded perverted, but my hubby finally convinced me to go, and their food is SO GOOD! We even love their breakfast. So I'm sad I missed out on a whole year of going there bc I was too judgy. Now we love to stop anytime we see a Fuzzy's when we're traveling.

  15. I'm behind on your blog so I'm late to posting on this. The fiesta looks like a lot of fun and the taco bar looks amazing! Tell Mason his purple face is AMAZING and shows everyone what a huge fan he is! Love it!


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