Thursday, April 19, 2018

Party On

We've been partying on like nobody's business over here.  Mason's party was last Sunday, his birthday was Monday and Griffin's was Tuesday!  It's been a FUN few days!

Mason's party was on Sunday and Fieldhouse took care of EVERYTHING (yes ma'am!) except for party favors and the cake.  Since it was a sports themed party I ordered these little ball rocket things (that's totally the technical term), these candies and some eye black and then topped it off with a topper I made in Photoshop.  I assembled them during dance class on Saturday and was done quick!

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We ordered his cake the previous weekend and when he requested TCU the kind lady at the bakery was happy to oblige.  They didn't have any designs for him to look at but she assured him it would be "very TCU" and when we picked it up last Saturday I wish you could have seen his little face!

Earlier in the year when I was asking Mason what kind of party he wanted he was pretty insistent that he just wanted to "play football and run around" so I contacted Fieldhouse in Frisco and they made it happen!!!

We had 10 boys there and a couple of hours on the turf and they had a BLAST!  When the boys got there they each placed their food order and then headed straight out onto the field for dodgeball.  The next picture cracks me up - look at Dave and Mason both pointing ;)

After a few rounds of dodgeball and a water break the boys put on their eye black and got TOUGH for some flag football.

And Griffin totally looked the part :) 

RAGE monsters and besties :) 

After flag football we went back to the party room for food and cake.

The room was decorated and set up and PERFECT for our group and I loved that each kid got to pick what they wanted to eat (they picked from chicken fingers, a cheeseburger, grilled cheese or hot dog). 

It was time to break out that awesome TCU cake and I can't get enough of this picture of Mason and his bestie :)

Who doesn't love a sparkler candle?!?!

After cake the Fieldhouse crew got everything cleaned up and the kids played a serious round of freeze tag back on the turf.

Mason had the BEST time and the party couldn't have been any easier for us.  The facility was perfect and the staff did a wonderful job with the kids.

The BEST part was that Fieldhouse invited Mason and Luke back for a day of their "All Sports Camp" this summer!  The camps run every day during the summer from 9 am - 4 pm and the kids get to participate in a variety of activities including basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, dodgeball and more!  My boys are super excited about it and if you have a 6-14 year old who wants to try it out you can click  HERE!   Luke and Mason can't wait to attend this summer and I'll be sure to report back and let y'all now what they think!

Thank you so much to Fieldhouse USA for doing such a wonderful job with Mason's party and for inviting my boys out to camp!

Mason's actual birthday was Monday and we were up bright and early and ready to open presents!  Remote control cars were high up on his list this year!

Before hopping in the car we were able to grab a picture with his birthday balloons (and new Dude Perfect football)...

... and then later in the day we celebrated with donuts and his classmates.  His teacher is the BEST and does the sweetest thing ever - while they're eating their birthday snack she goes around the room and each kid says what they love about the birthday kid.  Isn't that the sweetest?!?!  The general consensus in first grade was that Mason is hilarious and kind - we'll take it! :)

After vision therapy we picked up Mason's little bestie, picked out a few cupcakes and then headed back home for his birthday dinner request...

... Chick-Fil-A in the driveway while playing cars and riding bikes. 

We did manage to light some candles and sing and it was the sweetest little time.

My parents stopped by and Mason and Griffin got to open gifts from them - I think they were both pleased :) 

Tuesday was G's FIFTH birthday and her morning called for presents and balloons as well as a birthday crown (I picked it up at Target before Christmas - I believe it's Cat and Jack)

I posted a couple of stories on Instagram of her opening presents and had a ton of questions about the ballerina wrapping paper - I grabbed it at Homegoods - sorry I don't have any other info!

She's FIVE!!!

Before bringing birthday donuts to Griffin's class we stopped by Mason's to watch him present his special birthday show and tell.  His teacher's class theme is "light" (she uses vintage style light bulbs in decorating and stuff and it's precious!) and on their birthdays the kids get to bring in something they LOVE (letter L), something that shows that they INSPIRE to be (letter I), a GIFT God has given them (letter G) something that represents their favorite thing to do at HOME (letter H) and something that's a TREASURE to them (letter T).  We forgot his show and tell in all the hustle and bustle on Monday so he did his presentation on Tuesday.

Immediately after show-and-tell we met Griffin in her classroom for birthday donuts!

Tuesday night she requested that we eat at Hat Creek (a burger restaurant with a big patio, playground and HUGE slide) because "now that she's five she's ready to do the big slide" and slide she did!!! She also worked on her winking ;)

We sang Happy Birthday, she blew out her candles and then I may have gotten teary eyed because HOW are all of their birthdays already over?!?!?!

When we got home she pulled out this big ziplock bag from her backpack filled with cards from her friends at school.  It was seriously the cutest and best way to end her birthday - so special!

We have one last party (Griffin's) this weekend and then my parents next week and then birthday month is officially over!!! It's been a blast and I still can't believe it's almost done!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!  And thanks for celebrating with us all this month!


  1. Oh my goodness! So many parties, so much fun!

  2. Aw!! What fun celebrating Mason and Griffin! I loved reading this post!!

  3. After this month, you’re gonna need a NAP!! :)

  4. So sweet! If you're like me, you breathe a little easier when the last birthday is's so much fun and I try and soak in every moment but Mama needs a nap when birthday season ends!

  5. So much birthday fun! You make their days so special, Andrea:).

  6. Mason's party looks amazing! What a fun place to celebrate. Can't wait to see what you've come up with for GG. :)

  7. Love how you put so much effort into making each of your children feel special! They will cherish these memories forever!

  8. SO much fun!! Cooper would LOVE this!!

  9. My kids would love Fieldhouse and of course the birthday month is exhausting (my kids are only 3 years and 1 day apart so I get it) but it's nice to have it all over with. Happiest of birthdays to your sweet kiddos!

  10. Griffin's wrapping is adorable but Mason's wrapping paper is hilarious! Love you post, your kids exude pure joy!

  11. So cute! You have the sweetest and best ideas for celebrating your children! Happy birthday month to your whole crew!! I love the Family Fiesta idea! Thinking of using that myself!

  12. I want to be your child...and your friend! Haha!

  13. Griffin's wink is my favorite.


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