Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Break Road Trip - Day 2

Tuesday we chose Lulu's for breakfast because they have a THREE POUND CINNAMON ROLL.
I mean!

We weren't even going to look over the menu, but then we did and decided to skip the cinnamon roll in favor of biscuits and gravy and pancakes.

Y'all.  Mason ate that whole plate of biscuits and gravy by himself.  He may be small but he can put food away like nobody's business.

After breakfast we went to the San Antonio zoo along with the rest of San Antonio :)

The weather was gorgeous and the animals were all out and loving the weather as well so that made up for the crowds.

Griffin LOVES a map.  And Luke loves helping her with it.  Sweetest ever!

We LOVED the San Antonio Zoo!  It was shaded and beautiful and had a lot of really great exhibits.  They had volunteers out at tables showing kids things (like this ball that had been in the jaguar exhibit) and it was such a neat idea.

Mason picked out a komodo dragon stuffed animal as his souvenir from the trip and he couldn't have been more pleased.

Lounging while the girls had a bathroom break :)

This was the boys favorite part of the entire zoo...

Griffin HATED it and that is why there are zero pictures of her - she couldn't get out of the enclosure fast enough!

The hippo exhibit was GREAT!  It was so cool to get to see them underwater.

So here's where our afternoon kind of derailed :)  Big Lou's pizza had come highly recommended so we headed there around 2:00 in the afternoon.  We waited about 45 minutes in a line to be seated only to find out that the wait for a table would be ANOTHER 45 minutes and that pizzas took 30-45 minutes to get after you ordered. SAY WHAT?!?!  Apparently we were in line to just have our names on the list.  We decided to place our order to go, ran and grabbed a Starbucks and then came back and literally ate it in the parking lot.  I mean - you do what you have to do, right??? 

Turns out that eating a giant pizza in the parking lot was one of the kids favorite parts of the trip :)  And honestly - the pizza was so good I'd do it all over again for another slice (or two).  We headed back to the hotel and then back to the riverwalk to make our way to The Alamo.

Dave and Luke headed back across the river to grab Dave's jacket and Mason, Griffin and I hung out and they walked on the walls (anyone else's kids LOVE doing this???)

The Alamo!!!  (and not a great photo at all!)

Luke picked his souvenir out at The Alamo :)

We waited our turn to sit on the canon (seriously - it's a popular spot)...

... checked out some cacti...

... and met some Texas Rangers :)

Can I get a big Amen for all the big brothers???  SWEETEST!

We bought our tickets for the riverwalk boat cruise earlier in the day (BEWARE!!! If you buy your tickets online you have to print them out and bring hard copies with you when you go!) and still had to wait almost an hour to get on.  OH MY WORD.  I think the normal wait is about 20-30 mins so it was rough - but the kids were in good spirits and the weather was great so it wasn't horrible.

On the boat and ready to go!  PRAISE HANDS!!!

The Riverwalk is SO pretty and the kids really enjoyed getting to see it all and listening to the tour guide.

After the tour and a couple more stops along the Riverwalk the kids were starving (I think it was close to 10 pm)  we decided to ditch the wait at a riverfront restaurant and opted for a quick trip into McDonalds.  Funny enough the kids are STILL talking about that dinner because the McDonalds was two-stories :)

After a walk back to the hotel the kids were ready to swim...

... and Dave and I were ready to lounge while they swam :)

Back at the room, showered and this....

The day was PACKED and so much fun!  I know that I often lament my kids growing up, but y'all... it's SO MUCH FUN now that they're bigger and we're not dealing with naps and strollers and sippy cups and all of that.  A definite perk to having "big kids"!  And here's my little video (which may interest nobody except my kids - hahaha) :) 

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. Any post that starts with a three pound cinnamon roll is a good post. xo

  2. I gotta admit, I was SOOOO EXCITED when you started out saying "3 lb cinnamon roll"!!!!! But was disappointed you didn't get it ;) I'd love to see it!! Can you tell I love my food?!?!?! HAHAHA!!!! That riverwalk area looks SO NEAT!!!! We just might have to put San Antonio on our vacation list :)

  3. What a fun trip, friend!! I love all of the pictures!

  4. What a fun Day Two! We’ve never hit up the San Antonio Zoo but that Riverwalk boat is one of my favorites. My kiddos love that!

  5. So many cute pics! And I want Griffin's buffalo check top in my size.

    1. There is a similar top to Griffin's at JCPenney right now! I saw it over the weekend!

    2. Madewell has a similar top!! In black and white gingham. Its adorable. (for us ladies)

  6. I have had the delicious 3lb cinnamon roll and it’s totally worth it! We got ours to-go and ate off it all week!

  7. So fun! We loved the Riverwalk Cruise when we went as well. I'm adding Griffin's top to the list of things (along with that darling Texas shirt) I want to snag from you next time you do a sale : )

  8. I think I need to make a trip to San Antonio!

  9. Looks like another great day in SA! It also looks like the Riverwalk Tour got new boats since I was there a couple years ago- neat! If you ever go back, take another cruise but do it at night. So pretty! (Fun fact: my husband and I got engaged on the Riverwalk back in the day)

  10. We just returned from a trip to Scottsdale, Az and we had a similar wait for Oregano's Pizza. We opted to change locations and it was seriously the BEST PIZZA ever. So if you ever go where there is an Oregano's pizza bistro......GO! We never did get a cinnamon roll at Lulu's either. LOL but I was ok with it. I love your trips because you guys make the best of situations and you don't go to all the fancy pants restaurants !! You make it kid friendly! Which is how it should be when traveling with kids!

  11. Love that you "keep it real" and you're honest about things not always going according to plan. No vacation is perfect, but sometimes those imperfect moments become the most fun or memorable. :) It looks like it was a great day!

  12. You are such a sweet Mama. I just love reading about your family times:)

  13. Looks like a fun day. I would like to visit San Antonio one day.


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