Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Favorites - It's DECEMBER Edition!

Happy Friday, friends!!!

Erika,  Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES today and we'd love for you to join us!

Not going to lie - going back to work this week kind of kicked my butt.  It's funny how quickly you can fall out of your routine and how hard it can be to get back into it (wearing "real clothes" included!)

If you were looking for me on break I was probably in something like this...

... I looooove Judith March hats and this Christmas Jeep one is so cute!  (You can find me sweater HERE.  This is the "mink" color, but it looks way more brown online).

I also have the sweater in green and honestly want to wear it every single day.  It's comfy and warm and a great length for leggings.

Over break Luke and I went and saw Wonder and I think it was my favorite outing of the entire week off. I read the book this summer and was so excited to see the movie.  While it didn't TOTALLY do the book justice (but what movie ever does?!?!) it hit the main points and I felt like it was really well done.  It doesn't hurt that I adore Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson :)

Luke and I had a great conversation on the way home and he's started reading the book.  The message is so relevant and important and I think all middle to late elementary-aged kids would benefit from seeing it (and middle schoolers and high schoolers and adults, too!!!)

Last Sunday was the "hanging of the green" service at church and these three cuties were looking festive in some of my FAVORITE Christmas colors...

(PS - You can find Mason's drummer boy shirt  HERE!)

It's one of my FAVORITE services of the season!

And when we got home these two had to snuggle for a bit :)

I picked up  this dress during the Anthro black Friday sale and I LOVE IT!!!  I can pair it with tights and a jacket now and I'll be able to throw it on with flip flops in the summer as well. (you can shop my clogs  HERE)

Last weekend we celebrated one of the kids friends birthdays at Dave and Busters...

... and these two cuties were my FAVORITE!

Arcades are not my FAVORITE places (SO MUCH NOISE!) but watching their little faces light up is totally my FAVORITE ;)

After some serious deliberation in the ticket shop thing they were excited about and proud of their prizes.  WIN!

Tuesday night was one of my FAVORITE nights of the year!  Shay hosts a recipe exchange party every Christmas and it is SO MUCH FUN! She blogged about it yesterday (so head  HERE for all the details), but every year she picks a different theme for the recipes and in recent years has added in other fun little things like ugly sweater, etc. This year was "most festive Christmas pjs" so as the kids and I were shopping at Wal-Mart pre-Thanksgiving we spotted this onesie and it was love at first sight.  It is seriously the warmest thing EVER.  It's legit like a toaster in there.  I don't get cold very often so it's a little bit warm for my liking, but if you are cold-natured you NEED this onesie in your life STAT!

Spending time with these girls is my FAVORITE!!!  My kids always ask me, "what do you and your friends DO when you're together" and I have to smile because we eat, talk and LAUGH! OH MY WORD do we laugh!  

I say it often but investing in these friendships is something that I'll be forever grateful for.  Find your people and love them hard, friends!

Mason lost his second tooth on Monday and then proceeded to lose it at ESS (our after school program) but we encouraged him to write a note to the tooth fairy anyway since we heard she's pretty understanding :)  He wrote the part in red before we tucked him in and then when Dave and I went up to check on the kids later that night we saw that he had added in the part in blue :)  My FAVORITE part is the little diagram!

Castles have been Mason's FAVORITE thing to draw this week...

We've been doing the "Giving Manger" and when I was picking up the other night I came across this scene...

When we pull in the driveway after school I open my van door and Jelly Bean hops right in.  She makes her way around the van, gives snuggles to all the kids and then I tote her around for a bit while the kids unload their backpacks and all of that.  The kids play with her and then she runs into her kitty house to rest and I like to think that us pulling in is her FAVORITE time of the day :)

I found  these napkins the other day and was SO EXCITED because I've been looking for some linen ones for EVER  but wasn't willing to pay the price for actual linen.  These were $14 for a set of four and they're monogrammed!  (sorry for the upside down pic!!!)

The monogram is done really well and they are a great weight.  I took these pictures when they came straight out of the package so they're a bit wrinkly but I think we'll have them for years and use them a TON!

I love how they look with the white plate and galvanized charger but also really like how they're neutral and will compliment my mismatched dessert plates as well.  These would also make a really nice hostess or teacher/friend gift!

Luke has speech on Wednesday evenings and most of the time Dave and I will "divide and conquer" the duties, but this week I had all three there and I knew they'd be starving so that morning I packed them all apple slices with peanut butter in their snack boxes.  They all sat there quietly munching and watching Moana while we waited and it was SO CUTE!

(Yumboxes are our FAVORITE for lunches and snacks - we've had a set of the lunch boxes and snack boxes for the past couple of years and use them every single day and they still look great and seal perfectly)

Playing with the nativity before bed is another FAVORITE.  I think I will always remember her little crossed ankles!

And the boys' favorite evening activity has been building card houses.  I remember doing this as a kid and it's been so fun to watch them!

Happy Friday, friends!!!  Hoping y'all have a festive weekend planned :)

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  1. Oh my, the green army men protecting the manger scene made me laugh so hard! Happy Friday!


  2. Wasn't Sunday's service great? It's my favorite service of the year too! Your kiddos were looking all kinds of festive!

  3. I remember when Carter was little that I was always finding random guests at the manger: dinosaurs, transformers, etc. :)

  4. The castle drawings are the cutest! I like the person in the window saying "No! No!"
    The reindeer onesie is so funny! But it is not cold enough in Houston to wear it for sure. I'm like you in being more warm natured.
    Your children are beautiful and thanks for sharing!
    -Rebecca @

  5. I love the card houses. My kids love trying to make them as well. What a cute letter to the Tooth Fairy. Happy December!

  6. Shay's party always sounds so fun! Re-entry to real life after break has kicked our behinds, we are all ready for the weekend here :) xoxo ERIN

  7. Mason’s letter to the tooth fairy still makes me laugh! And I agree ... the week after a holiday vacation drrrags! Happy Friday!!

  8. I've never heard of those hats abut they are so darn cute!!

  9. This entire post made me smile :) Happy Friday, Andrea!

  10. Long time reader, and wanted to say your blog always makes me feel so happy. 😊 one question though. Do your kids right much? My kids are similar in age.....boy 7, boy 5, girl 3, boy 9 months. And the older ones, especially my 2 oldest boys right constantly. It's so bad that I can't get much done, let alone actually enjoy my kids. Do you have this issue at all?

  11. I love your hat with the jeep and tree- where to find that!?! And the garland in the 3rd to last pic- so pretty. Merry Christmas!!


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