Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Favorites - Short and Sweet

Happy Friday, friends!  Today's post is going to be short and sweet because I am SWAMPED at school this week and really haven't done a whole lot other than grade, answer emails and lesson plan.  The end.

Mason brought home some super sweet art this week and his happy and sweet little view of the world is my FAVORITE. 

I talked picture books earlier this week and thought that the  Bad Guys book series was worth mentioning as well!  They're chapter books and Luke LOVED them!  He also just read the 13-story treehouse series last month and really enjoyed those as well.

I saw this this week and it cracked me up!  The steam is for sure my FAVORITE part!

We LOVE Mason's teacher and she posts almost daily about things that they're doing in class.  This week she posted about a "Heart Lesson" and I couldn't love it more.  The fact that lessons like this are part of my my kids' academic days is my FAVORITE.

Anthropologie is currently running an extra 40% off their sale items and here are a few of my FAVORITES...

PS - this sweater is 25% off right now!

And quiet evenings at home are our FAVORITE as well.

Mason loved the  block puzzles we played with at the Perot last week and he asked me multiple times if we could get a set for home.  It comes with tons of different pattern cards that you try to match and all three kids played with this quietly for a long time!  It's a new FAVORITE at our house and Dave and I MAY have had fun playing with it after they went to bed :)

A sunrise like this before we even leave the driveway is my FAVORITE way to start the day!

Afternoons on the playground were a FAVORITE this week as well...

I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. The steam makes me this is going to mess up my hair! lol

  2. Your night at home picture looks oh, so cozy!! Hope you get all caught up this weekend!

  3. Love those paintings in the playroom- did your kids make them?

  4. If your kids love the blocks, you should look into the Osmo games for iPads. They have a tangram game that my son is obsessed with ... sounds like a great Christmas present to me? :)

  5. The steam of the dishwasher about made me choke it was so funny! Have a great weekend and what a wonderful teacher Mason has!

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Just added the block puzzle to our Christmas list!

  7. The Bad Guys and the 13 Story Treehouse books are a favorite at our house as well. I can't believe the speed at which my 2nd grader reads the Treehouse books. He can devour it in a day! Please post any more recommendations for that age group as I am always looking for more

  8. If they love those block puzzles, you need to get this "game" for them!

    So fun!

  9. That meme!! Yes!! So true! Happy Friday, girl!

  10. I hope you have a restful weekend Andrea :) xoxo ERIN

  11. Love that the teacher does a Heart Lesson. Those kind of things should be taught to children as well.
    That's a cute picture your child drew.


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