Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Kids Parties

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  Today's Show and Tell Tuesday topic is Kids Parties!  I love a good party and today I'm going back through my archives to show y'all the bday parties and other parties I've thrown for my kids over the years...

I had this theme in my head for MONTHS before the party.  It was my first time to plan a kids party and I had so much fun making something fun for "our little monkey" ;)

Two-year-old Luke LOVED him some construction trucks.... we used to grab Sonic drinks and park somewhere just to watch them.  A construction party was the only appropriate theme!  I purchased a $5 roll of caution tape and went to town!

For Luke's third birthday I was soooooo pregnant with Mason.  I was swollen (like... bedridden swollen) and Dave talked me down off the big birthday party ledge and we hosted a quick party at the park.  The day of the party there were crazy winds, I spent almost the whole party in a lawn chair with my feel up and pretty much everything I had planned was a total bust.  We had the best time :)

When I decided on this vintage superhero theme I kind of went crazy.
Maybe it was "skipping" planning Luke's third, but whatever it was I legit lost my mind on this one. 

I made every one of those cupcakes.  And cut out the wrappers.  And made the toppers.  
See... insane.

And can we just talk about Mason in the pic below?  I die.

I will never forget this party because I was up at the club WAY before sunrise, 9 months pregnant blowing up balloons.  #priorities ;)

This was kind of our one last hurrah before Griffin was born and we had so much fun!

This kind of summed up the morning ;)

My favorite birthday party to date was the combined party I did for all three kids.  It was a monster theme and I had THE BEST time putting it all together!  Again... I went a teeny bit crazy.

I drew and painted the monster beanbag toss, made their party shirts and just love how everything turned out.

It was so special to get to do a TRIPLE party!  Look how excited they were! :) 

Two years ago Luke requested Minecraft (of course!) and it was probably the hardest party for me to put together because I really don't "get" Minecraft ;)  Pinterest was totally my friend for this party!

We had A LOT of boys over that day and I'm pretty sure none of them cared about the decor ;)

The weekend after Luke's party I threw Mason his special request - a Sir Mason and the Knights of the Rectangle Table party ;)  I'm not sure why he wanted knights, but I had a blast with his theme of choice.

The day after Mason's knights party we shared some of Griffin's favorite things (cupcakes, necklaces, bows and PINK) with a few of her little girlfriends (and Mason).

Last year I let go of some of my party planner OCD and let Luke plan his own party.  He had a few boys over for pizza, a trip to the arcade and a sleepover.  Easy peasy and officially dubbed "the best party ever!!!" 

And the latest party was a combined flamingo and camouflage party at a local children's museum.  Super easy and super fun.

Another one of my favorite kids parties was a Kindergarten Kickoff Party Shay and I threw when our kids were heading off to kindergarten...

My favorite part of the night was when we took these pictures :) 

I haven't even started thinking about the kids birthday parties... which could be an issue since I have three to plan and they're all next month.  Ooops! :)  I'm looking for inspiration so link up below!!!


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  1. Oh girl, we speak the same language! I can relate to going a tiny bit crazy with kids' birthday parties, but I can't help it. It's just the way my mind works and I have so much fun putting them together! Such awesome parties you've thrown!!! So excited to make my way through this link up! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! This is probably my favorite Show and Tell Tuesday topic ever!

  3. We did a Lego party for my son one year. I bought little car kits the boys put together & then we had a somewhat organized elimination race down a plank of wood. Had the collection been bigger at that time, I would have set them all in front of a bucket of pieces. :) My youngest wanted a piggy party one year - no specific pig character. Guests signed the "if you Give a Pig a Party" book & we gave away little piggy banks. Lots of pink & loads of fun.

  4. Your parties are always the best!

  5. My son's first birthday was also sock monkey themed and I made the same cupcakes!! I go big for the first birthday (more for me as a yay! We made it!!!) then low key!
    You are amazing!

  6. I love all these theme birthdays how much fun :)

  7. It's quite possible you may have missed your calling. I'm thinking Party Planner looks like it would be right up your alley!!! Although I think you're probably rockin' the teacher thing too. Such creative parties❤️

  8. This is my favorite topic! I LOVE parties! I will be checking out your Superhero party...Luke has told me that is what theme he wants this year. His birthday isn't until August, so I hope he doesn't change his mind...I think that theme is so fun! :)

  9. I think I started reading your blog right before the monster party!!! Thanks for the link up today!

  10. OMG I have party envy now! My boys have birthdays 3 weeks apart so they've pretty much always had their parties together which makes it so much easier! I did the cute stuff for the first few years and then got super lazy. Last year they didn't even have birthday parties and we just took them to somewhere special (Top Golf and Dave and Busters) for their big day. I think I need to make up for that this year!

  11. I LOVE planning birthday parties for my kids and celebrating them on their special days! I've got five ranging from seventeen down to eleven months, so we've had lots and lots of kid parties over the years. =) Loved reading about yours...so fun and festive!

  12. Planning parties is like my part time job and I love it! Some I've gone over the top while others have been low key but either way I love it! I love the monster party so much and also the super hero party! All are great :)

  13. I love reading about your parties! They look like so much fun! Do you have a printable of your monsters? I am looking at doing a mONEster party for my little one's 1st birthday and your monsters are adorable.


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