Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lake Day - BB Gun Edition

I've mentioned it before, but my parents bought a lake house this past Fall and we have already had so much fun getting to go out there with them.  This past Sunday we didn't have any commitments (WOO HOO!) and so we went up there for the day because my parents had a couple of surprises for the boys.

First up... BB GUNS!!!  Here is Mason listening closely to Gibi's safety instructions :) 


Meanwhile GG was doing a bit of bird watching :)

Ready to shoot!!!

Y'all knew it wasn't long before Dave grabbed a gun.

Excited much???

We moved the party from the deck down to the yard...

... and I made them pause to take a picture for me #momlife

I have a feeling this will be the first of many weekends spent playing with BB guns!

On the screened in porch my parents have a drink fridge that was empty and unplugged.  We brought Griffin's bin of play food with us since we knew she'd be too little to shoot and the bb guns and she found the perfect spot for her collection!

I recently got this hammock and it was the biggest hit!  We hung it up and immediately all three kids were in it (please note all the muddy boots on the ground. hahaha)

We were swinging them and they were all giggling so hard!  We brought it home with us and have plans to hang it up in the backyard this week for some reading time.

My dad recently bought an old boat and has been repairing and repainting it and getting it ready.  He's been out in it several times but this was the maiden voyage for our whole crew.

There's the awkward wave we all know and love!

Can y'all see them out there???

Back from the boat ride and busy doing something.  She played down here at the shoreline for EVER.  Filling up her bucket, dumping out her bucket... rinse and repeat :)  Soaked and muddy and so happy!

LOVE that she loves being messy and gross and getting right in there with her brothers.  I spent MANY summers making mud pies at my grandparent's cottage and am so happy that my kids get to experience the same.

GG was still in the water and the boys had moved on to unearthing and collecting rocks to build a "sniper pit".  More on that in a bit :)

So.  Silly.

My parents also just bought a kayak and both boys were eager to get out in it.  I have limited kayaking experience (which involves flipping over multiple times and being banned from the kayaks at summer camp... at least three years in a row), so I was nervous about it - but apparently my kids are WAY more coordinated than I am (not surprising!!!) and the kayak was a sit-on instead of a sit-in so that helped as well.  The boat wasn't quite ready to go out yet, but the kids wanted to try out the kayak so we tied a rope to it to pull them back in in case they got too far our and couldn't figure out how to turn.  But I'm not exaggerating when I say that they both got the hang of it the very first time.  So much so that after this initial trial run we all loaded up in the boat and Luke took the kayak out for a trip around the whole lake!

Luke is officially obsessed with kayaking and wanted to know if we could get one for our pool :)

Mason's turn!!!

Mason's feet couldn't reach the foot rests and the paddle was A LOT for his little self to manage, but he did so well, too!  He was able to paddle out, turn and come right back!

Which is super impressive considering how teeny he was in that kayak!

Back on dry land and bringing me "flowers" :)


I think I've mentioned it before, but the house they bought was fully furnished and the previous owner LOVED her some knick knacks :)  My mom got rid of about 90% of them, but kept all these little animals for Griffin to play with out on the porch.  I'm so glad she thought to do that because Griffin plays with them each time we go!

Calling Gibi on a calculator to take her lunch order :)

So remember the rocks from earlier?  They put them to good use!

And yes.... he dug the hole that he's sitting in.  And please note that I brought a change of clothes in case they got wet... so he changed into that after kayaking and then proceeded to sit/lay in a hole. :) hahaha

We always place bets on how long it will take the kids to fall asleep after we leave and this time Griffin one-upped both of our guesses by snoring less than 2 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway :)

We left dirty, exhausted and talking about our next trip up.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


  1. Ohhhhh! Such a good post!! So many fun pictures!! I want to go stay at Gibi and Haha's house!

  2. So much fun!!! Seriously! Your kiddos are gonna have a blast taking trips to the lake.

  3. Oh this reminds me of my childhood growing up on the farm! :) nothing better!!

  4. What a fun day!! That's so awesome to have a lake house in the family!! My husband grew up with one from his grandparents but they sold it a long time so now we are trying to convince his parents to get one haha

  5. What a wonderful weekend! Y'all are going to make so many memories there!

  6. We love having a family cabin! I am so excited for the memories you guys are making there.

  7. So so much fun. We are moving HOME to Texas soon and one of the first things my husband said was we need to buy one of the Texas Flip and Move houses and buy some lake land! : ) The grandkids would love that. I know your parents are so thrilled to have this space to share with your kids. Love it!

  8. What a perfect place to make childhood memories! It looks so idyllic!

  9. So many great memories to be made at the lake house! My parents have a farm and we get out there any chance we can because it's just good old fashioned fun and learning that can't be done in the city!

  10. Andrea, I could not love this more;). As a Mimi of 9, I know how much pleasure this must bring to your parents. Memories for a lifetime!

  11. What a super fun time! Exploring and learning about bb guns and kayaking is so awesome. I think the times with my kids that we spend exploring are the best!

  12. Many memories to be made there. I have many from my childhood playing in the creek.

  13. This is basically every kids dream! What a wonderful memory they will have of the lake house.

  14. So much fun! I love the idea of tying the kayak to the dock. We want to get one really bad for when we go camping but our son is just 6. We definitely need to start looking for a good deal on one!

  15. What a blessing! Such a great place to get away with your family! And so many fun things to do!


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