Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

Our New Years Eves are typically pretty low key.  We hang out at home, head to bed early, etc.  Now that the kids are getting a bit bigger Dave and I decided to step up our game and start a new little tradition with a family NYE party!

Dave had to work on Saturday afternoon so the kids and I got everything ready for our par-tay ;)

Griffin is VEEEEERY into helping and she had fun arranging the glasses and pom poms.

 Also.... let's note that my post-Christmas mirror cleaning job sucked.  Apparently pledge multi-surface spray isn't as awesome as I thought since you can see exactly where I "dusted" thanks to the streaks.  Ugh.  In my defense it didn't look that streaky in the light when I cleaned it. hahaha

Testing out the photo booth props :)

Squishy nose :)

I can't take any credit for the cupcakes (I grabbed them at Kroger), and the toppers I found at Homegoods.

I told Mason to open his eyes, but he informed me that this is how their eyes were "in the olden days"... whatever that means :)

So he finally fave me this...

I picked up Secret Life of Pets for our party as well...

She told me she was "just smelling them" :)

Apparently Beauty and the Beast was way more interesting :)

I picked up a package of party hats (also at Homegoods) and while my intention was to use them as actual party hats (which we did), they looked so cute on the mantle! 

 The second gold glittery banner says "tonight we're gonna party" :)


Griffin took a nap, Dave got home and we kicked off our "official party" with a couple of confetti poppers.  

Oh. My. Word. 

Signs of a good time :)

After confetti poppers we ate pizza and then headed to Vitruvian Park in Addison to check out the lights. 

Y'all.  It's awesome.

Last year was our first year to go and we knew we couldn't miss it this year.

This was pretty much her the whole time :)  

I mean... incredible, right???  We walked around the lake and ooohed and aaahed the whole time.

WOO HOO for Christmas lights and NYE!

I mean!!!



Trying to keep shoes on this girl is a challenge ;)

On our way back to the car we had to stop and check out the dogs :)

Mason was CONVINCED that Jack Bauer is going to look like the dog laying down when "he grows up".  We tried breaking the news to him that Jack is already grown up but he just wasn't having it.

Serious side eye :) 

 SUCH a fun night!!!  

After Vitruvian Park we headed home for PJs and the final part of the party... cupcakes, sparkling grape juice and a movie!

Best way to end the year!

It was the best New Years Eve to date and the perfect way to end a fantastic year.  

How did you celebrate NYE???

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!


  1. You're going to have to go with me there next time...because you make it look like so much fun! I clearly did something wrong when I went. (It's probably because I went before Christmas instead of after.) And would it be weird if I went to your family NYE party? Because it looks like fun :)!

  2. Those confetti pictures are my favorite. This looks like a great way to ring in the New Year! I was in Jacksonville in a hotel in bed by 10:00. Because #partyanimal

  3. What a fun family night! And you're right, a head full of glitter means good times were had! :)

  4. What a fun NYE!!!! Those lights look amazing, and the party setup is adorable! Nice work, mama!

  5. New Year's Eve at home is the best! Hope you have a wonderful 2017

  6. Such a fun night and all of you NYE party touches were perfect! I always forget to check out homegoods for those types of things.


  7. What a fabulous NYE!! Love the confetti pictures!!

  8. This looks like the most perfect NYE! I love that you guys went to look at lights then hung out at home. We are very low key NYE people too :)

  9. This looks like a perfect way to spend NYE!

  10. I love all your special touches on everything you do for your kiddos! It looks like a fun night and super cute. Did you find your confetti poppers at Home Good too? Super fun!

  11. That picture of Griffin and the Starbucks is just too much! The hat + the coffee = total #threenager

  12. Okay what candle is that pretty silver candle on your coffee table?!

  13. So so soooo much fun!!! You guys always know how to party!!! I love it

  14. Those Christmas lights are gorgeous! And what a fun party at home!

  15. We always ring in the new year with our kids and it's so fun!!!

  16. Where are the banners from? So perfect!

  17. How fun! We celebrate NYE at home too and next year I need to up my game. I'm usually partied out after Christmas but you reminded me that simple décor and simple fun is enough to make BIG fun with little ones!

  18. Such a perfect little evening! All your little touches are adorable. Happy New Year Andrea!

  19. What a fun celebration! I love your decor and I love how much fun you had together!

  20. Such a fun way to celebrate NYE!! I loved all your decorations, too! I got a good chuckle out of Mason thinking Jack Bauer was going to grow up to be a golden doodle!!

  21. Super fun & cute! Very memorable I am sure!

  22. Love, love your fun NYE party..we, over the years would go to my sister's house when all of our kids were little, now they're grown and they go to each other's homes.. history repeats itself..I'm in my 50's now with 4 grown children, all with children of their own so ours is pretty low key now. Ha. Btw, what does the sweet tea sign over your TV mean? Just curious. Happy 2018.


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