Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

So excited to be linking up today for What's Up Wednesday!

What We're Eating This Week
This week we've been eating leftover baked ziti and a LOT of zucchini bread.  I made a big batch over the weekend and it is delicious!  I've passed a couple of loaves on and have more zucchini, pumpkin and banana on the books for this week!

What I'm Reminiscing About
My post about Fall on Monday has me all kinds of sentimental about the time that Dave and I (and Mason in my belly) headed off to The Homestead for some relaxation and Fall color ;) I mean!

What I'm Loving
NEW Matilda Jane!!! The second release of the Fall collection came out today and it couldn't be more PRECIOUS!  You can check out the full line HERE and can send your wishlists to 

Kat took Griffin this weekend and grabbed a few pictures of her in the new items and I am so in love!!!

Shoot Kat an email if you'd like more information on ordering!

What We've Been Up To
School and all the getting up early, homework, etc. that goes along with it.  Which lead to this yesterday afternoon...

What I'm Dreading

I'm not really dreading anything... BUT I am having major struggles figuring out what to do with this weird corner in our bedroom.  HELP!

It's the weird vacuum corner currently.  Thoughts???

My current thoughts include a gallery wall or something???  Ideally I would love a huge double chest, but that's not high on my priority list right now.  I'm loving these frames, but do I do both walls?  Just the one to the left?  Just the one behind the TV?  My one other idea is a big leaning mirror like this one


What I'm Working On

Tons and tons of school stuff including lots of handwritten notes for my kiddos!

What I'm Excited About

All things FESTIVE including the cutest pumpkin shirt EVER! I ordered this shirt and am obsessed with the sparkly glasses.  She has tons of cute options (for boys, too!) and her shirts are always so unique and well made!

What I'm Watching/Reading

A friend of Dave's loaned us all of the Star Wars movies and we just started watching from the beginning.  The boys have been obsessed with Lego Star Wars for a while now and they are SO EXCITED to get to watch all the movies!  

What I'm Listening To

This has been on repeat and I have no clue why, but I can't stop listening to it. 

What I'm Wearing

Growing up my mom would always tell us, "remember who you are and whose you are" and it's something that stuck with me.  I had it put on a Farmgirl Paints cuff and have been wearing it all the time lately.

I've also been wearing this polish on repeat.  Ignore my crappy polish job.  I hadn't had a chance to fix it up before I snapped the pic ;)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Dance, soccer, family time and celebrating our nephew's first birthday!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Mason's first soccer game!  We're so excited to see him and his buddies out on the field!  We're also looking forward to Bingo night at school and settling into our routine a little bit more.

What Else Is New

This isn't really new, but it cracked me up :)  Prince Charming status.

What's my Favorite fall transitional piece in my closet?

My favorite transitional pieces are dresses like these.  Pieces that I can wear with wedges when it's warm and tights and boots when it cools off. (click on the pictures for more info)


I also love a great twill jacket that you can wear in the cool mornings and take off when it's warm in the afternoon.  The perfect light layer.

This one is under $50!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!

PS - This post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. I think a leaning mirror would be great in your bedroom! I have a huge one from ikea and it's way cheaper that the pb one. Can't wait to see a tour of your bedroom when it's done!

  2. Love the latest MJ release too, but now what to order?! #firstworldproblems

  3. 3 things: First, Chainsmokers (what a horrible name! lol!) is my favorite. That song is on all the time in my car! Second, the t-shirts are awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Third: Can I hire you to skype/facetime tutor my 8th gr daughter in math??? Not really (but yes, really, I would if I could) because you are EXACTLY the kind of teacher she would thrive under. Our math teacher is kind of blah.
    Great post--have a good day!

  4. I like the leaning mirror idea, too.
    Something large in size needs to go there - even some sort of large console table.

  5. Center chest with TV on wall, then gallery wall to balance for now. Later double chest or large console would be great! Love your blog:)

  6. I think a potted plant (real or fake!) would be perfect in that corner. I have a similar weird corner and put a big fake tree from Home Goods there and it looks great! Plus, if you decide to do something different later, you can always find another spot for it in your house. I think every room should have a little bit of greenery! :)

    1. I definitely think a big/tall potted plant would be great here.

    2. I was thinking the same thing too! A fake tree or fake plant on a tall plant stand.

  7. I read all your posts but don't always comment. I always love them ALL though! Griffin is a doll and that MJ clothes just brings it out even more. I vote for a huge mirror to go in that corner. I'm sure whatever you decide will look great, because it always does. That pumpkin shirt is adorable and I have now favorited that shop on Etsy. Thanks! My son, who is 6, is all into Star Wars too. We've saw all the movies and read all the books and he has some of the smaller SW lego sets. I'm sure your boys will love the movies! If you could recommend a bigger SW lego set for a Christmas gift, I would appreciate it.

  8. I think a leaning mirror would look great! We live in a fun little A-Frame... I totally get you on the weird corner situation! :)

  9. I think that you should scrap the frames idea for that wall and get a ficus tree or some kind of tall plant. I'm a huge fan of lamps and festive lighting, so we have a fake ficus tree (you could always use a real one) with a single strand of white lights in it in our living room, and also one in our bedroom. The tree adds color and depth to the room and the lights add a warm, festive glow. Plus it's nice to have something like that year round since we can't have a Christmas tree up all the time. ;o) If you want to see our tree in the living room, here's the link to a post where I mentioned it.

    Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  10. I think the gallery wall or mirror option would add too many corners - it's already a corner of the room, with a rectangle piece of furniture and a rectangle tv. Something rounded - a cozy chair with a floor lamp or a large plant to soften it would be nice.

  11. I think a gallery wall would look great in that corner! And those note sheets you made for your students are awesome! You are a great teacher!

  12. I was going to vote for the leaning mirror until the large plant was mentioned, I like that idea. Good thing you have choices:). You have such great style, whatever you pick will be fabulous;).

  13. In that corner I would put a comfy chair with a pretty throw blanket draped over it with a nice floor lamp to give it height and a warm glow. Perfect place to cozy up with a book or to grade papers!

  14. I would do a Fig tree in a pretty basket with a nice wall mirror ...I know what ever you do it will be great !!!

  15. I've been loving closer too!

  16. Obsessed with the Chainsmokers song. We were just watching their VMA performance on YouTube at work ☺. I, also like the idea of a big plant in that corner!

  17. Loving that Chainsmokers song, too! Griffin is such a doll! I think a large tree or plant would go well in that corner.


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