Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - School Photo Edition

In back-to-school spirit I thought it would be fun to share some of our best/worst school photos.  I LOVE a good laugh and looking at old school photos always delivers :) 

Before we dive into the hot mess express that was me in Middle School, let's take a minute to look at how cute I was before Middle School.  ;)  It's like Mason with bangs in a turtleneck, right???

Up first is my 8th grade school picture.  I can remember picking up this shirt at Limited Too and thinking how awesome it was paired with the necklace that I made at camp.  Wow.

I think I was in 1st grade in the next picture.  Apparently I was feeling turquoise that year :)

Which brings me to high school formal photos.  

This was my Senior Prom.  When we showed the picture to the kids they all commented on the knight in the background :)  Also, I rocked braces at my Senior Prom so there's that.

And Dave's Senior Prom the year before.  He worked at a tanning salon that year, can you tell? :) hahaha

Winter Formal my senior year...

... and Winter Formal maybe the year before?  I think that's supposed to be Texas in the background.  
Why??? No clue.

Which brings me to our first formal together - Winter Formal my Sophomore year.  I was SO PUMPED about these corn rows with little flowers.  Seriously.  They were amazing ;) 

I came across a few of Dave's school photos as well and all I have to say is SO CUTE!!!

Middle School football :)

And while we were looking through boxes of pictures we came across a couple that were worth sharing...

The photo below was from the Fall of 1999.  I was a Sophomore and Dave was a Junior and we thought it would be fun to go horseback riding together.  I rode horses when I lived in NC (I did hunter jumping) and so I was comfortable with it and Dave claimed to have ridden horses before.  We happened to get a picture with Dave's horse, Pistol Pete, before we set off on the ride which probably would have looked A LOT different had we taken it after ;)  

We were on the trail ride when Dave's horse got spooked and TOOK OFF!!!  It jumped a creek and headed into the woods and our guide had to take off after them.  Dave managed to stay on, but it was a close call.  We still laugh about Pistol Pete :)

... and then there was that one time that we went to NYC while we were in college and ran into Rupert G!  (Any Letterman fans know who I'm talking about???)

So I saved the best for last...

... that is me in my 6th Grade yearbook with my trombone, lunchbox and a model of the Colosseum strapped to a luggage cart :) 

I've mentioned this before, but when I went to pick an instrument for band, my mom suggested how great it would be for me to pick the flute because it was small and would be easy to take back and forth to school and all of that.  When I went in to pick I asked to try the tuba and when I physically couldn't hold it up I settled on the next biggest instrument - the trombone.  My"stick it to my mom" moment backfired when I had to carry the insanely heavy case back and forth to school (keep in mind I rode the bus) every day so I had to get a luggage cart for it.  Oh.  My.  

So, there you have it!  I feel like I've embarrassed myself thoroughly so now it's your turn :)  

Link up below, friends!!! 



  1. Oh heaven help me! These pictures are just awesome!

  2. Okay...seriously....Dave's school pictures were adorable! Thanks for hosting another fun linkup!

  3. Just too funny, friend!! I love it!!

  4. Love it!! Those cornrows + flowers were the thing! I remember wearing my hair like that, minus the flowers, during volleyball matches! :)

  5. Guilty of the cornrows and baby's breath! But it was soooo cool! 😂

  6. Awesome pictures! Thank you for such a fun link up idea! And I am retroactively thankful for my flute as I also took the bus :) Liz from www.familyoffoley.wordpress.com

  7. I love that "stick it to my mom moment" LOL

    1. Except I stuck it to myself in the long run :) hahaha Thankfully I ended up loving the trombone!

  8. OMG I TOTALLY have a picture with Rupert at Hello Deli!!!! When we went to NYC for the first time, it was on my list of things to do to take a picture with him. CHECK!

    I loved looking at all of your old pictures!

    1. So fun! We were hoping to get last minute tickets and didn't and so we were going back to the hotel when we ran into him outside of his deli!

  9. #LimitedToo! OMG - Loved that store.

    1. Right?!?! Do you remember that you used to be able to "model" outside of the store to get a discount? hahaha


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