Sunday, July 31, 2016

Once Upon A Time

Just in case I wasn't ready enough for Fall, Matilda Jane went and released the first part of their Fall collection, Once Upon A Time, and I am PRAYING for cooler temperatures :)

If you're new to ordering, here are a few easy steps (click on the picture to make it bigger)

Carting begins tomorrow afternoon, so PLESAE get your wishlists in to Kat by noon CST so she can get everything carted ;)  She or I will be in touch either Monday night or Tuesday to get payment info.

Kat brought the clothes by my house this afternoon and Miss G was feeling a little extra sassy... Miss Erika may have been encouraging her :)

Griffin is wearing a size 4 in this dress and I love the fit on her.  She pushed the sleeves up, but it actually has full, long sleeves.

Too busy opening a sucker to bother looking at me :)  The bow on this top stole the show and I LOVE  the ruffles!  She's wearing a 2 in the top (I'm ordering her a 4) and a 4 in the ruffles (they were rolled a couple of times, so I'm going to order her a 2).

I am a sucker for outerwear and couldn't get enough of the jacket!  The sample was a 6 and I'm ordering her a 4.

The sleeves of this jacket are removable to make it a vest! Oh. My. Word.

The hood fabric KILLS me!

The tunic underneath was also a 6, my plan is to order her a 4.

The lunch box and backpack sets are SO CUTE!  To get a backpack you have to place an order for $175 and then you can add a backpack for $25.  The lunch boxes are $24....

... and are way more than just a lunch box :)

The dress on the left had some really pretty details...

... and I can't get enough of the floral (and the twirl!) on this one.

This tank dress is extra twirly thanks to two full layers of knit skirting.

This top starts in a size 8 (the leggings start in a 2) and I'm considering buying it and putting it away for Griffin. hahaha (not really... but it's so cute!!!)

LOVE all the colors on this top!

Here are some of my overall thoughts...

- My plan is to order Griffin 4's in everything (dresses, tops, leggings) and 2's in the ruffles. 

- The colors all mix and match BEAUTIFULLY!!!  In previous collections I've felt like there were specific "sets" that went together, but I feel like all of these pieces can easily go together.

- The mom items were KILLER! I didn't try any on but am loving the ruffles and this dress (I promise it is WAY better in person!)

You can find the shoes here and I can vouch for how awesome they are because I have them in black :)

As far as shoes go, here are a few of my picks for Griffin to go with all of the pieces above...

Griffin is LOVING her pink Natives and this pair is the perfect color to carry her through Fall.

She has this pair of gold sparkly shoes from last Fall and I'm reordering them in her next size as well.  They look great along as well as with tights and they match EVERYTHING!

I know lots of y'all have girls who have to wear tennis shoes to school and how great is the color of this pair of New Balance?!?!  Perfect with lots of the tops.
These converse are $22 right now and so cute!

These would be fantastic with dresses and tights...

And here a few more "in real life" pictures of several of the pieces...

Happy Shopping, Friends! Please don't hesitate to email me or Kat ( if you have any questions!

PS - This post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. I'm obsessed with it all!! How do you decide?! I'm still putting together my final wish list!!

    1. right?!?! It's so good!!! I'm definitely having a hard time this release. The ruffles and jacket were a no brainer for me as were the twirly dresses.

  2. I just might have to order our very first Matilda Jane outfits! How tall is GG? What size is she normally for clothes? I am trying to figure out how long these pieces will be on my two year old!

    1. She's pretty average/small for height and I'm ordering her 4's. If your daughter is two I would probably go with twos unless she's SUPER tall. If you email katkempson@matildajaneclothing with your daughter's info she's AMAZING with sizing help!

  3. How could I NOT encourage her to strike that pose?? She was MADE for that hand on hip trick! ;)


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