Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Recap - Super Edition

Friday started with an extra cute (and pensive) Happy Morning picture :)

After school Mason got to go with his friends to Cosmic jump.  It was his first time to get picked up in carpool and ride with someone other than me, Dave or my parents.

 I wrapped things up at school and got to hang out for the last hour or so.  Because our school gets out early on Fridays they had the entire place to themselves!

Cutest group ever!!!

Mason LOVES Jack and Ben's big sister and she is the sweetest!!!

 It might have been a good playdate if... :)

Friday night we got home and had more pizza because...

Saturday morning Griffin and I headed to dance with my mom...

... and when we got home she HAD to have cereal and toast.  Dance class will do that to a girl!

She is still as happy-go-lucky as ever, but she has her "threenager" moments as well.  She was helping Dave empty the dishwasher and she wanted to lay the clean plates out on the floor, Dave asked her not to lay the plates out and she stood there and dramatically cried with her eyes closed for at least 5 minutes.

Luke's bestie Lincoln hung out with us for the day and the boys played outside until it was time to go to a birthday party...

While the boys partied, GG and I watched a Sofia before she took a nap.

Jack Bauer got in on the snuggles ;)

After the party the big boys played out back with Legos, Dave went in to work and I had some snuggle time with this guy ;)

After an unfortunate run-in with a glass of iced tea it was time for fresh clothes and a trip to the mailbox with me (spoiler alert - the mailbox trip was a total ploy so I could get him to cooperate for a cute pic in his Valentine's shirt)

Still feeling a little left out by the big boys, Mason and I whipped up some brownies.

And he "may" have licked the spatula :)

Griffin woke up from her nap and insisted on washing the dishes.  Well, if you insist ;)

If you look closely you can see the water spraying of the plate onto her dress. hahaha

We ended the night with bubble baths and brushing.

After church, Mason and I worked on his Q-U poster for the wedding on Friday.  He had LOTS of opinions which I loved.  I also loved that that his queen is a brunette :)


(so judging by the comments, SEVERAL of y'all thought I might have socks on in the picture below... HECK NO!!!  Do I wear some out there things... sure.  Do I wear socks with sandals... no.  The mere fact that you thought I might be wearing socks with sandals has me questioning every outfit I've ever worn. hahaha  #kidding)

The sandals are the Aurora Espadrille by Free People - they're last season and I can't find them in stock anywhere, but I'll keep looking.

... and then it was time for queso!!!

Dice up 32 oz of velveeta and throw it in the crock pot with 8 oz of cream cheese, a can of rotel and a can of cream of mushroom soup.  Brown 1 lb of meat (sausage or ground beef... I use 1/2 of each) and add that in once everything is melted. 

There was absolutely nothing healthy about our meal on Sunday night.  As it should be.  The mini corn dogs were Mason's addition - that kid is SMART!

And just in case we hadn't taken in enough calories, we finished it off with brownies and Blue Bell (and caramel sauce).  

YAY for super Bowl!  YAY for ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food!  #amen

And this is out of order, but a random shot from Sunday afternoon - hahaha

We had a fantastic weekend full of great weather and family time. We're ready for a week of LOOOOVE and I'm excited to share a few last minute heart ideas :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. That plate of Super Bowl food makes me hungry for quest before 5 am!!! Hahaha!

  2. I LOVE Griffin's ballet and red precious! Love your weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Oh Griffin doing the dishes! Be still my heart!

  4. I just adore your family!!! Your littles are just too cute!! :)

    xo, Chanda

  5. And now I want queso for breakfast...and I want to wear a pink and red leotard combo, because PRECIOUS.

  6. That gueso! Yum! Pinning for later for sure. The pictures of the kids are so sweet!

    1. Thanks, Lizzie!!! It tastes WAY better than it looks :)

  7. I'm always so happy reading about your sweet little family.
    Keep doing exactly what you are doing and you will reap wonderful rewards as they grow older:)

  8. That queso, and the last picture 💗💗💗💗

  9. Ummm, excuse me....gimme all the queso!!! Party food is my fave food.

  10. This weekend, we had doughnuts Saturday morning, then pizza, then homemade brownies, then we went to our towns chocolate festival,, then pizza for dinner followed by more chocolate. Then Sunday, we had IHOP for breakfast, then a delicious lunch, followed by German chocolate cake and ice cream, then Super Bowl appetizers for dinner! I was laughing because we ate so much BAD stuff, but it was SO GOOD! It's fun to be crazy like that every once in a while! Now, I need a salad. Lol :)

    1. I'm on detox too :) I had an apple for lunch today. hahaha

  11. Your. Shoes. !!! Details please :-)

    1. Are you wearing socks with them???

    2. Hahaha - no socks... unfortunately my CRAZY paleness coupled with the filter makes it look like that. LAUGHING SO HARD!!! They're by Free People and I'll add a link for them this evening. :)

    3. I thought they were socks too!! and then I was sure that if you were wearing them then that MUST be the cool thing and I now had to have those socks!! hahahaha!!! (don't judge my run on sentence!!)

  12. Griffin on her tip toes doing the dishes... precious!

  13. Haha, I also thought you may be wearing socks with your wedges - but pretty sure its just the lighting of the photo. Griffin in her pink tutu --- so cute!! Your queso looks WAY better than my queso!!

  14. My daughter insists on doing the dishes also! I'll have to remind her in about 10 years that this was something she once enjoyed! Ha!

  15. I watched the friday video over and over! Love the picture of her at the could not have been better and so much fun with Mason in the kitchen! I literally had guac and queso for dinner last was heaven on earth!

  16. I had chips and queso from Qdoba on Saturday afternoon, nachos (with white cheddar queso - yes please!) last night, then someone brought leftover queso to the office today! I managed to behave and stay out of it, but I understand on the queso! #texasgirlsunite

  17. Also the socks comments made me laugh too - I am a pale skinned redhead, so I feel your pain! :)

  18. oh jack bauer how i luv thee!!!

  19. I seriously love the way the light shines into your kitchen, especially the small ones in the corner of your countertop! What a fun touch! Thanks for sharing your weekend :)

    -Rachel at

  20. Aww love the video of Griffin. She has a passy in her mouth and one in her hand at the same time. My son always has to have more than one too :)


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