Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites - Jam Packed Edition

First up on my list of FAVORITES are my boys awesome teachers.  I've bragged on her before, but y'all - she's amazing.  She sends us pictures and I've been so impressed by the fun things they've been doing as part of their snow/ice unit. Here are a few highlights...

Making and examining snowflakes, 

Picking up ice using a string and salt, making and playing with snow they made, 

And how fun is this experiment with geometric solid shaped ice.

I have no idea how this even worked, but how awesome is this?!?!?!

Luke is inquisitive and always wants to know the "why and how" to things and his teacher engages and inspires him daily.  

Mason's teacher is equally great and I love how she allows and encourages them to explore and investigate.  She asked the parents for any old technology items we had at home/work and set up a center around it.  When the kids wanted to see what was inside a keyboard she let McKinley open one up!

Mason was so excited about this! One of his FAVORITE moments from the week.

I mentioned it earlier this week, but our FAVORITE Junior went to Winter Formal last weekend and she was STUNNING!!!  I mean! Can you even believe that this is the same sweet little eighth grader who started helping me out in the summer after Griffin was born???  She and her boyfriend are the sweetest!

I feel like all of you are invested in Anna Grace's formal dress choices as we all helped her pick her Prom dress last Spring :)  I can guarantee you I didn't look half this pretty or sophisticated when I went to Winter Formals in high school.  hahaha


While AG is looking all prettied up, I've been cozying up in comfy sweaters this week.  This is the same sweater that I wore to Magnolia last weekend except I paired it with these white cords for work.

 So cozy!

And since we're talking cozy sweaters, this open shoulder one arrived yesterday (I ordered several pieces from a sale a week or so ago) and so far I'm really liking it.  I think the open shoulder detail is unexpected and cute.  I'm wearing a small and think that it runs true to size.  I've also been having a love affair with winter hats (which, I'm aware is ridiculous since I live in Texas) and so I snagged this one on sale and love the color.


I think my FAVORITE pieces from the order were this pom pom hat and gray swing top.
The top is RIDICULOUSLY soft and drapes beautifully.

It's a boxy fit and I think that it runs true to size (a little big) as well.

And because the lighting is better outside, here's a more accurate idea of the actual colors.

One of my FAVORITE moments from the week?  OWNING my to-do-list at school.  BOOM!

Next up, I mentioned last week that Boden had their new Spring items out, and I couldn't resist this bunny dress.

These bunny shoes are GG's new FAVORITES and they look precious with the dress and these pants and bunny shirt as well.  I am in NO RUSH for Spring, but when it gets here we'll be prepared ;)

Dave brought me my FAVORITE dessert earlier this week which is one of the reasons he's my FAVORITE ;)  (It's a caramel sundae from McDonalds... their frozen yogurt is AMAZING!)

This sweet girls smiles are my FAVORITE...

... as are her serious faces ;)

And one of my FAVORITE local shops, Hippie Chick Boutique, got in lots of awesome new Spring arrivals.  She gets new stuff all the time, so be sure to follow her on IG to keep updated!

Mason's art is one of my FAVORITES...

... and laying on the trampoline looking at the trees with her daddy is Griffin's.

I'm planning one of my FAVORITE things - A Family Book Club day centered around the book The Day It Rained Hearts.  I'm hoping to have the post up the first week in February - just in time for Valentines Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day - I have some fun things planned for my post on Monday, which means Erika and I are going to postpone our first "Let's Talk" link up until Tuesday.  I can't wait to read about everyone's resolutions, goals and what you're looking forward to this year!

Happy Friday, friends!!!" title="click to view in an external page.">An InLinkz Link-up

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  1. Can't wait for your book club post! Have you seen the ivy kids kits? It's like a book club in a box :)

  2. Your kids' teachers sound like the best! I love how encourage the children's natural curiosity and allow them to explore items like the keyboard!

  3. I don't have a daughter, and my style is different than yours, but I always LOVE when you post about clothes for you and Griffin. Always so cute and perfectly you! And Amen for amazing teachers-they are the best!

  4. Anna Grace. When did she grow up?!?! I remember when she would come to the pool with you and was like, she's like a lady! Gorgeous! And Ashby got the bunny dress in green...the girls will have to be twinsies! xo

  5. Bam!!! There's nothing better than a completed checklist! Way to go, girl!!

  6. The last picture of Dave and GG on the trampoline melts my heart. So sweet!!

  7. Oh my stars...Anna Grace looks darling and the Mini Melissa shoes are too much! I saw some the other day at Nordstrom Rack and thought of Griffin Joy ; ) Have a great weekend!

  8. ANNA GRACE!!!!!!! I ran into her on the square several weeks ago. We were walking towards each other, and I didn't know it was her yet, and in my head I was like "look at that super model walking towards me". Yep, it was Anna Grace. That girl is GORGEOUS and just as sweet as can be! And OWNING a To Do list is definitely a favorite thing of mine as well!

  9. You can never have enough caramel sundaes from McD's! They're my favorite too! Happy Friday!

  10. Anna Grace's dress is bea-u-tiful. I am prom dress shopping with my daughter now and that style would be perfect, but longer. Any idea what the brand is? Thank you!!

  11. Yeah for a book club day! I love your ideas

  12. Can you find out and share the brand of Anna Grace's dress? So beautiful!

  13. Your family is adorable! I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for this link up, I'm so excited to participate!

  14. I am excited to read the Family Book Club post! You are so creative and I love the way you interact with your kids! :)

  15. That to-do list --- my favorite too!! What accomplishment!!

  16. That to-do list makes my heart happy. No matter what technology comes out, nothing is better than writing it all down with pen and paper.

  17. McDonald's caramel sundae! 💜👏🏻😍 and AG is gorgeous!

  18. What size are you wearing in the gray Free People sweater? I love it on you and want to get one for myself.

    1. The chunky gray is a medium and the other two are smalls :)

  19. We got it at the Kate Spade outlet in Allen.. Right before Christmas....
    Leanne... Mom of Anna Grace: )

  20. Oooh McDonald's sundaes are the best!! Looking forward to your family book club post! You always have such cute ideas. :)

  21. Woohoo on your to-do list!! Love all your new outfits!

  22. Hi Andrea... Love your blog!!! I read it every day while my 2 month old son is napping and has me "trapped" on the couch, the both of us under a comfy blanket!! I love the owl mug I saw in a picture on your desk, and was wondering where it came from? I'd love to get one for myself. I'd love to have a cute mug to drink my coffee from every morning. Thanks for letting us all into your life daily. Your children are so sweet!! I've been to Texas a couple times as my best friend moved there a few years ago. She lives in Lewisville. I've been to Dallas and McKinney and they are wonderful places, so much do do and see!! Actually my husband and I got engaged at the Dallas Arboretum the first time we went out there!! Hope to hear back from you.

    Take care,
    Angela (Providence, Rhode Island)

    1. Hi there,
      Not sure if you'll see this comment since it's over a week old, but I just wanted to let you know you can find the owl mug at Francescas and Altard State or at :) (I think she got it from Anthropologie, but they no longer have it.)


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