Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap - Gift of Christmas Edition

How is it Monday?!?!  I feel like December should have all three-day weekends :)  

There's so much fun to be had and so little weekend time to get it all done!  

That said, Friday started off with a smile when I got this picture of Mason :)  

We had pizza Friday, some movie time and then this girl (and her awesome top knot) brushed teeth and we all headed off to bed EARLY.

Saturday morning we woke up and Buddy found Buddy hanging out with some gingerbread houses!  The kids did NOT want to wait, but we had a busy morning planned.

First up was a little photo op with Santa :)

Luke did WONDERFULLY, Mason went into full-on panic.  HE stood there and cried, "I. Want. Mommy." the entire time.  It's a good thing he looks cute even when he's crying ;)

These are from my iPhone and I can't wait to see what Narci got!

 Look at GG looking at Santa! :)

After Santa we picked up my parents and headed to Prestonwood to see The Gift of Christmas.
You can see that Mason's great mood carried over to the play as well. hahaha

Testing out our binoculars before the program started.

The Gift of Christmas is seriously unlike anything else I've ever seen.  It's AMAZING.

Yes, that's Santa flying in on his sleigh.

And fireworks inside.

And flying angels...

... and flying drummers...

... and AMAZING costuming...

... and camels.

and here's a video that's way better than mine :)

We realized as we wee waiting for it to start that the last time we went was the year we were married!  We got married on a Saturday night and didn't leave for our honeymoon until Monday, so we met up with all of my out of town family to watch the performance. Filling out the visitor card at the performance was the first time I ever wrote Dave and Andrea McAnally :)

Crazy to think that the last time we were there we were brand newly weds and here we are ten years later :) hahaha

My parents joined us and I swear they had more fun than this picture shows. :) 

This was my first time to wear this coat and I got so many compliments!  The color is so pretty!

Dave went straight to work from the performance and the rest of us came home and crashed.  The kids all napped while I worked and it was a gloriously quiet afternoon.  Griffin Joy helped me wash dishes...

... and after dinner it was FINALLY time to make our gingerbread houses! 

Buddy opted for the ones from Trader Joes because he'd heard great things about how sturdy they were and they did not disappoint!  I didn't grow up decorating gingerbread houses, but Luke has been asking about making them and so it was fun to start a tradition kind of from scratch.  

The kids played while I assembled the houses, got everything set out for them and let them dry a bit.

Mason worked so hard!

And Luke was a pro at icing piping.





 Dave had a CRAZY busy day on Sunday and I was flying solo - so there was no Sunday morning pic.  But I did manage to snap this one of them all eating grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries on the floor while watching A Christmas Carol ;)  #mamatried

 Sunday afternoon the boys had AWANAS and Griffin and I ran a few errands and when we got home Baby Beau came to visit!  Doesn't he look so excited?!?! :) hahaha

It was a busy weekend, but so much fun.  And while we're talking about busy, can we pause for a minute to talk about Dave???  He works his TAIL off (literally) and has this app on his phone that tracks his steps.  He got it a while ago when we were discussing how he's on the move non-stop during his work days.  Yesterday they had private parties, a big cotillion event and several other things going on, he worked from 11:00  am - 9:00 pm and when he got home and was telling me about his day I checked his app.  

Yes, friends... he walked 18.5 miles yesterday. hahaha  And that doesn't include the time that his phone was plugged in charging.  CRAZY!!!

We have a fun week planned, a couple of Christmas parties, a special chapel at school and several other festive items are on the calendar as well.  

And don't forget - tomorrow we're sharing our Christmas decorations for Show and Tell Tuesday!!!  Spoiler alert - I MAY be splitting my decor into two days worth of posts!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

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  1. Every year I wish we would have gotten tickets to Prestonwood's event but I don't remember until it's too late. I've heard such great things about it. And...18 miles-oh my goodness!! Glad he has today off!

  2. Oh Andrea! That picture of your parents in your kitchen with your kids...I want be there! It looks so cozy friend!!!

  3. Dang! Dave does a lot of walking!! Loved seeing your kiddos this weekend!

  4. Holy cow that is a lot of walking ! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend !!!

  5. I love having the heat app! The most I've done is 5 miles and that was a home all day, cleaning house with a trip to Target snuck in! But, it totally makes you accounts to get some extra steps in!!! Those gingerbread houses are so cute!

  6. You sure can pack in a weekend!;) So much fun! We started decorating gingerbread houses with our children and now continue the tradition with our grandchildren. We assembled 12 houses on Friday night and the kids came over and decorated them on Saturday followed by a fun lunch. Love that it's something that all ages can do together, we love it!

  7. We decorated ginger bread houses this weekend too! I love simple easy traditions like that, that just make everything feel more like Christmas! Dave should invest in a Fitbit!

  8. LOVE the Santa picks in the truck - what a great idea!! Dave never needs a real workout with that walking schedule!! WOW!!!

  9. I am so glad Buddy researched the TJ Gingerbread houses. Now I know where I'm getting ours from! :)

  10. Poor Mason! And could Narci be any more adorable?!! I bet she got amazing shots..Griffin is just adorable and that tippy toe pic..swoon!

  11. Your daughter's top knot is how I always want mine to look!! I have hair envy! :-) Your house looks so cozy for the holidays... and I'm glad you "researched" the TJ gingerbread houses, the kit I bought last year was horrible and I was looking for a better one this year!

  12. What a fun filled weekend! All the kiddos are so adorable, I especially love those Christmas jammies :)

  13. Oh my goodness, I love the pictures with Santa! It looks like you had a fun weekend! XOXO

  14. I think our elf might bring gingerbread houses, too! Way to go, Dave!!