Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap - Sidewalk Chalk Edition

Happy Monday, girls!  It was a low-key, relaxing weekend around here which was just what we all needed.  Friday morning started off with this cutie looking Fall ready (we dress in Fall colors and layer in the morning to deal with the insane heat right now. boo!)

After Friday Night Pizza Night, the kids and I snuggled up in my bed and we actually all fell asleep.  It was the best. 

Saturday morning I took Griffin to dance and found out that she's going to have a Christmas recital. EEEK!!!  They've started working on their routine to Jingle Bells and it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After dance we had to run by the grocery store and Miss Independent immediately commandeered a little cart to "push I-self!!!"

 A quick stop to grab a balloon from Miss Cindy and a tortilla from Miss Emily and we were ready to shop.

Oh you know, just waiting at the deli counter... snacking on a tortilla... feet crossed. :) hahaha

I.  Can't.  Even.

 We swung through Starbucks and then it was time to head home so Dave could get to work.

After lunch and puzzles, the kids and I spent a solid hour playing with sidewalk chalk.  The weather was beautiful (in the shade) and we had the best time.

This is Mason pointing at Luke and laughing because apparently he had just drawn a picture of Luke with a diaper on :)  #brothers


Luke's awesome cactus (complete with cactus flower!) and ghost.  He also drew a pretty amazing invisible man :) 

... and a Frankenstein.

Next up, Oreos.

The littles went down for a nap and Luke and I went to his soccer game. 
 Here he is making his way back to the goal... he played goalie during the third quarter and did such a good job.  They were short a few players this week and all the kids had to play the entire game.  It was so hot out there and they were WIPED!

Sunday morning cuties :)

I mean!!!  

Church will wear a girl right out!!!

These pretties made me smile - gorgeous, right???

It was "fake injury night" at AWANAS and these boys got DEEP into character!

I wasn't shocked by their dramatics ;)

Dave dropped the boys off and G woke up on the grumpy side.  The cure?  Silly pics :)

After some juice and grapes, we were fueled up and ready to run a couple of errands.  She is so funny in the dressing room... she compliments me and ooohs and aaaahs.  It's the sweetest.

She jabbered at the fish and kept pointing... I'm pretty sure she wanted to pet one :)

We finished off the weekend with lots of snuggles and breakfast for dinner.  Perfection.

This week I'm looking forward to a short academic week, serving with my students at our first Community Service Day of the year and our Sunday School's annual Harvest Party.  We're crossing our fingers for some rain and cooler weather and are excited to get our craft on this week as well.

I hope y'all have a fabulous week planned and that it's off to a great start!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Your weekends always look like so much fun! They always look cozy, inviting, snuggley and perfect :). Happy Monday friend!

  2. Me too!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for cooler weather! And that Mason is hilarious!!

  3. Love the Anthro dress! Anthropologie is my very favorite place to shop!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Love the pictures of you guys doing chalk. It's the little things! Have a great monday!

  5. Cute pics as always! :) happy Monday!!!

  6. What a great weekend, sidewalk chalk is the best! We could use some cooler weather too. I felt so bad for all of the kids playing soccer this weekend, SOO hot!

  7. That picture of Mason and Griffin - I die!

  8. I have that polka-dotted dress. Hope you snatched it up. It's one of my favorites.

  9. I want to live at your house!! :)


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