Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap: Catching Up On Sleep Edition

This weekend was another low-key, rainy one.  Friday morning the kids and I headed out to run a couple of errands, but not before Griffin said goodbye and gave kisses to both of the new gnomes out on our walkway.

Her hair is all over the place and I've been doing a little half french braid and pulling it back into a messy bun.  I have no idea why, but it stays put through playing and napping and even swimming.  And as a bonus, she has the sweetest little curls that fall out of the braid.  I know that in the future when I think back to this summer that that little braid and messy bun will be something that sticks in my memory.  ;)

"Hey, mom!  Aren't I cute???  Buy me all the Frozen toys" :)

During naptime I attempted to work on Slightly Askew projects and answer emails, but since all of my actual babies were occupied, my fur baby thought he needed some attention :)

This girl got up early and was NOT in a good mood.  Poor baby!!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the boys room.  I'm serious.  Like hours and hours and hours.  I'm pleased to report that the boys have more Legos than sense (and they are all put away) and that we cleaned out tons of toys and books to donate and all of their clothes are put away for the first time in weeks! (and there are none in the dryer - hallelujah!!!).  

Friday night Dave took Luke to see Inside Out...

.... and this kid and I stayed home to have our own movie date night (sister bear was already in bed), but he was asleep within about 10 minutes of the movie starting.  #partypooper  :) hehehe

 Saturday morning my mom, Griffin and I headed to a baby shower for Diana and Griffin insisted on carrying the present.  

She made fast friends with some of the other little girls in attendance...

... and looked ridiculously cute in the glasses everyone wore for a picture at the end of the shower.

My brother watched the boys while we were in Dallas (Dave's clubs Member-Guest tournament was this past week and he has been working CRAZY hours and all of my sitters were out of town. boo!!!) and apparently he wore the boys out.  Saturday afternoon Mason asked me to hold him like a baby and he fell asleep!!!  He slept on me for a good 20 minutes or so before I laid him down for a nap.  I would have held him longer but he is SUCH a sweaty sleeper. hahaha 

After naps we headed over to Anna Grace's house to meet their new puppy, Sadie.


She had just flown in from Nebraska that morning and I wanted to eat her up she was so stinkin' sweet!!!


Can you believe that this puppy is only eight weeks old???  She's going to be a CHUNK!!!


Sunday morning the boys surprised Dave with the presents they had decorated (we were all surprised by the fact that our early risers didn't wake up until close to 8:30 and we missed church). 


And then they opened his presents for him :) 

Did you now that Mason painted this sweatshirt blue JUST for his daddy because his daddy loves blue???  #thatkid


It was rainy and thunder storming most of the day and we played, rode bikes in the garage, played dress up and took naps.  I'm kind of glad that it wasn't bright and sunshiney because it forced us all inside and we ended up having the best, quietest little morning and afternoon together.

Dave picked Pei Wei for dinner and so we got ready to head out.  Griffin has had LOTS of opinions on clothes lately and she is OBSESSED with this dress.  She picked it out to wear tonight and I had so much fun watching her check herself out.

Dresses and bows and necklaces may not be her thing for ever, but whatever makes her this happy while looking in the mirror will always be my goal.  Talk to me in a few years in case that means running shorts and t-shirts :) hahaha

 After a little hair brushing we were out the door.

Our attempts at getting a Father's Day picture...

#brothers ;)

After dinner we headed to the golf course (the one where Dave works) to "cruise" the course in golf carts.  This is our FAVORITE thing to do in the evenings.  We check out the scenery, talk about the little animals we see and always stop on the bridges to look for turtles and frogs.

We decided to try out the self-timer on my phone and we were laughing so hard at me running back and forth ;) 

The kids loved getting to see the creeks and these tree roots in particular.

This course has a couple holes with tee boxes on little islands and they're awesome to explore.

Again with the self timer.  This time I propped it up against the tee marker and ended up with something pretty fun. 


I don't have a picture with Luke since he didn't want to ride with me on the "slow cart".  I have a feeling he'll be behind the wheel of a cart on our evening cruises sooner than I think :)

After cruising around we hit up the grill for some drinks and hanging out :)

And we ended the night playing in the front yard watching the GORGEOUS sky.

It was a perfect, quiet weekend - couldn't ask for anything better!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Those family pictures on the golf course in the sunset are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Monday :)


  2. Those silhouette shots are magnificent! Like wow!!! Sounds like a great weekend. Have a great week! Is it recipe club this Wednesday? If so, I'm all ready for ya!

  3. Griffin's face in that little mirror is priceless!!

  4. That braid! That braid! THAT BRAID! I died. Love the braid friend :). (And loved the other pics too!!)

  5. What a wonderful weekend filled with family time!!

  6. I love that photo of your kids at sunset facing the water. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids when they were younger, are shots like that. It captures something precious.

  7. What a fun weekend!! Prefect Father's Day celebration!!

  8. Love the pictures of your family on the golf course!

  9. Indoor weekends can sometimes be the best weekends!! I love the golf course pictures at the end! Beautiful!

  10. Your little lady is such a fashionista! All of her dresses are so so cute and I love that she has an opinion about them. And there anything cuter than kiddos with a puppy? Love it! Have a great week!

  11. Y'all really did have the best weekend!!! I miss you though....when are you coming to the pool?!?

  12. I just love those pictures from the tee marker!!! The lighting is amazing...and of course, your family is beautiful! =) Glad you had a low key weekend. We could use one of those around here!

  13. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Also... love G's braid. Sooo cute! :)

  14. Yay for that cute puppy from Nebraska : ) We do raise some cute labradors. I love reading about your little family, precious!

  15. Does Griffin's favorite dress come in my size? Because LOVE!

  16. I had a post idea for you that you are completely welcome to ignore :) It would be about how you got started with Slightly Askew and where you learned your graphic design skills. You could skip any trade secrets :) Just a thought, you are so creatively gifted - love seeing all of your projects!

  17. Where oh Where is that adorable polka dot dress from? LOVE


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