Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter!

Easter has totally snuck up on me this year!  I feel like it's crazy early!!!  That said, the last two days have been really mild and pretty and I felt inspired to get out my little box of Easter decorations.

On my front hall table I have a Sid Dickens tile and this carved wooden bunny I found at a flea market.  He has a hollow spot in his back and I filled it with moss and several little eggs.

This dresser has a simple little strand of grapevine with eggs on it and this adorable bunny sign from Vine and Branches.

On my kitchen table I have this awesome monogrammed burlap table runner from Moon Pie Design
It's longer than what I'm showing, but I liked having it in the center of the table :)

I'm so excited to have this not only for Easter, but for every day use as well!
(Spoiler Alert - I'm giving a monogrammed table runner away at the bottom of this post!!!)

The white tray, topiary and glass container were all Homegoods finds.
The little tray with eggs I made last year (read about it HERE).

And while I was taking pics??? Little Miss Drama was beside herself wanting Cheez-Its.  I would have given her a few BUT she had already had a snack and it was almost time for dinner :)  #hardlife

I mentioned this tray last year... I found this set at a flea market with DOZENS of the little eggs.  I added the moss and tea lights and Voila!

also on the buffet is one of my very favorite things... it's this little wrought iron basket holding Christmas cards and birth announcements.  I'd like to say that we did this every night - but we're making a point to pick out a card every night after dinner and pray for that family.  Some are close friends and others are Slightly Askew clients whose cards I designed. 

I kept our chalkboard really simple and I'm loving it...

Now on to my favorite spot :)

Isn't this sign AMAZING?!?!?!  It's my absolute new favorite sign ever :) 

Grab one of your own and use the code MOMFESSIONALS for 20% off your order!!!

 I LOOOOOOOOVE that worship song and love the reminder that the sign gives me every time I pass by.

 My chef bunny was actually a thrift store find YEARS ago!  Isn't he the best???

I picked up the moss at Hobby Lobby and all the eggs were part of that flea market find I mentioned earlier.

I picked up hydrangeas at Trader Joes to finish off the window.

The $6 WalMart bunny I posted about a few weeks ago looks adorable on this shelf...

If you haven't already picked up one of these sweet bunnies add it to your grocery list this weekend :)

 I haven't decorated the kids table yet, but I did write on this chalkboard and we've been LOVING these three books from Usborne books for the past few weeks...

The 50 Things to Make and Do for Easter book is ADORABLE!!!  There are tons of cute and EASY ideas!

Luke, my little scientist, is ALL ABOUT this Eggs and Chicks book because it's filled with awesome information...

And we're loving the illustrations in this Bible Stories book...

And just in case you thought my entire house was all clean and pretty... this is what was happening while I was snapping pictures ;)

And how sweet is this??? This is every day when Dave gets home :)  


Now I'm going to try and put the answers to all of the inevitable questions here in one spot :)

1) Where did you get your apothecary jars?
I got mine from Marshalls (or maybe Homegoods???) years and years ago.  HomeGoods often has a great selection, but if you're wanting a set ASAP this set of three from Amazon is on major sale for under $40!!!

2) What kind of chalk do you use on your chalkboards?
On my big chalkboard (on the mantle), I use regular 99-cent chalk because it's a bigger surface.  On my smaller board I use "Bistro Markers".  They last forever and give you that really "smooth" line.  I wash my chalk pen off with a sponge and water, but if you have a hard time getting it off, try a Magic Eraser.  

3) Where can I find faux eggs?
I picked up mine at a flea market (seriously.... all the eggs that you seen in my house were under $15!!!  with the white trays I made the little candle holder thing from!) - but if you don't have that same kind of luck, these eggs from Pier1 are great!

Now for the fun part!  Two giveaways in one day!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Enter below for a chance to win your own monogrammed burlap table runner or a set of Usborne books just like ours!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

BIG thank you to Moon Pie Design, Usborne Books and Vine and Branches!!!


  1. I'm totally loving the Easter decor! Your house ALWAYS looks so good!! Seriously, it's one of my very favorite homes to visit :).

  2. I'm doing my Easter chalkboard today...and I'm thinking that's going to be the extent of my Easter decorations. Seems about right. :) I LOVE all of yours!

  3. I love all of this décor! It is so beautiful- and I love that it isn't overly "Easter-y" because you will be able to leave it out all spring! Have a great day!

  4. Your kitchen and dining room area looks so good!!! I love the lighting in there. So cozy!! Your Easter decor looks great!!

  5. I love your home. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Andrea,
    How do you order from Moon Pie when it is just a FaceBook page? I wanted something you posted previously but was confused on how you order from them?
    Thanks, (also a teacher so I love your blog)
    Amy Wolff

    1. Hey, Amy! I'd send her a Facebook message for what you'd like to order - she doesn't have a storefront (online or otherwise), but she's amazing to work with and if you send her a facebook message she'll get back with you :)

  7. Love, love, love your decorations for Easters... and all year!!

  8. Love your Easter decorations and I just love those natural looking eggs!!!

  9. Your house looks beautifully decorated for Easter! The picture of Griffin hugging Dave is so precious!

    Kathy Lang

  10. I'm obsessed with those books!!!! And PROPS to you for using real chalk. I never can get it to look right. I use the bistro chalk markers on a black dry erase board.. chalk is NOT my friend!!!! ;-)

  11. Beautiful! Love the sign with the song lyrics, that's one of my favorite worship songs!

  12. Looks great! LOVE that amazing sign in your kitchen window! I went immediately to Vine&Branches and ordered it too! The code didn't work for me, but I ordered it anyway. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I'm gonna need you to come write on my chalkboard, stat. I try to replicate the penmanship I love and it never turns out right haha :)

  14. Thanks for the link on Amazon for the jars...super steal deal!

  15. Your chalkboards look are very artistic!

  16. I love that you choose a card each night and pray for that family! What a thoughtful, amazing and kind gesture!!

  17. I spy my fam in your card collection. So blessed to be prayed over by the sweetest little family. <3

  18. Love your Easter decor!!! You should do a post on what you put in your kids' Easter baskets. :)
    Also, how do you keep your house so clean???? I'm jealous!!

  19. You always have the cutest decorations! Those eggs are the best find ever!! Love!

  20. I love seeing all the decorations you put out and how you change with the months/seasons. You truly are gifted! It would be awesome if you could do a storage post. (Shay and Erika too!) How you keep your seasonal/holiday decor stored, where, what, etc. I've just sold my house (pray that we find our new dream house soon!) and I want to do more in the new one with changing things up for the holidays/seasons but have no idea where to start when it comes to organizing all the things. I've got 2 year old twin boys and want to make these days fun for them too!

  21. Your house looks beautiful! I was wondering where all the eggs came from. What a deal!!!!

  22. Andrea...your house is SO cute! The decor is adorable but I also just love how homey (that's a word right?!) your house is! It is so precious, unique, and full of personality! I want one like it one day when I get married and have some kiddos! So cute!!!

  23. So beautiful! I love seeing your creativity each holiday! Do you remember where the egg/grapevine garland is from? I need somethblike this for my mantel.


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