Monday, March 30, 2015

Favorite Things Party - Nail Polish Edition

Today Erika and I are sharing our nail polish.  I am not a beauty product girl... I don't really get excited about makeup.  With one exception - nail polish :)  I have an embarrassingly large collection of polishes - which I justify by painting them myself. hahaha

I typically change my color twice a week, just for fun and because I hate chippy polish.

Starting off I am LOVING this base coat by Whim. A base coat really makes a big difference for me and this one has been great.

Last week I wore Mod Square by Essie and got so many compliments!  It's bright and fun without being too much.


Next up is this awesome blue polish.  I love bright, fun polish and this fits the bill.  (excuse the chips... this was before my new top coat. hahaha).  I love blue with pink and thought this one looked great with this ruffle hoodie by Evys Tree.

If you're wanting something a little more subtle, this shade is great for Spring.

And the top coat I am loving right now is also by Whim... it looks like a gel, but comes off like a regular polish.  I'm new to the Whim game, though, and my tried and true favorite before whim was Seche Vite.  It's amazing as well.

If you're looking for a fun, monthly subscription for great polish - I love Julep! Every month you can look at the box designed for you and accept it, modify it or skip that month.  The colors are super unique and fun and a lot of them go on in one coat.

I store all my polishes in THESE containers (which are under $15 for a box of TWELVE!!!).  I love that they stack and that the lids stay attached.  They're the perfect size for polish.

Also, I know that today's post is supposed to be about polishes, but I have a public service announcement.  I found THE BEST SHIRT EVER this weekend!!!

Isn't it awesome???  It's loose and flowy and even though it's long sleeves it's nice and cool.

The back is a silky flowy material.... that I had a horrible time trying to get a picture of...

It comes in lots of other colors and I want them all :)  This is a small, which I really liked.

It looks great with a scarf...

 And I even threw on a puffer for grins :)

If you're like me and prefer "flowy" then this is the shirt for you.  It's not cheap.... but I think it's a piece you can wear through several seasons and it's basic enough you can mix it up with accessories, but has unique details that make it look "special". 

Happy Monday, everybody!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my weekend recap!
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  1. Andrea, you've sold me on the Whim base and top coats! I definitely want to try them now!
    Loving "Mod Square" on you :) :)
    Thanks for the fun link-up! Happy Monday!

  2. You and Erika doing polish posts makes my heart so happy :). I have to try those new base and top coats! And I love that white top! So cute!!

  3. I'm going to have to try "mod square" for myself! And I'm definitely adding the whim products to my list!

  4. Cute shirt! And, I'm putting that base and top
    Coat on my list! :)

  5. Ok I need to try the whim top coat! I always use the seche vite because it dries in about 3 minutes! And that top is fabulous

  6. The way you love nails, you should totally try out Jamberry Nails. They are online but SO much fun! You will love them!

    Juliana Grace |

  7. Love that top!! And I just ordered those containers for our new house!! Thanks :)

  8. Mod square is the best. Also play date by Essie is the perfect shade of purple for spring/summer. Happy Monday!!

  9. I definitely need to try that Whim top coat!!

  10. Hi! How long does the whim top coat take to dry? I've heard great things about OPI's drip dry, but wonder if they could be combined. Thanks!

  11. I have been looking for a good top coat! I need to check out Whim! Once my nails starting chipping I start peeling and removing the polish as fast as possible. :(

  12. I bought that shirt this weekend in the minty color and I love it! So happy to see it posted on your blog today. And also, I thought of you this morning. I too am a total pleaser and I try to pick different coffee cups each day so the others don't get sad:) Totally crazy, but at least I admit it!

  13. I am all over that top coat. Just what I was looking for. And that shirt!!!! Love it!

  14. I just went to buy the top coat polish, but the reviews on the Ulta site were almost all one star. How long have you been using it?

    1. Hey! I've been using it for about a week and LOVE it! I saw the one star reviews on ULTA as well, but also saw several 5 star reviews (it looks like it's only been reviewed 11 times). I am yet to have a chip!

    2. You're the best! Thanks for the tips! I think I'll take a trip down there today!!!

  15. wait, wait wait, you change your polish twice a week?! How do you have time, to take off the previous, do your nails wait for them to dry?! I've been trying to figure this out and mostly go without since I just never seem to find the time! I'm jealous. I love nail polish too. I'll have to try that Whim out, I really like the Seche Vite, and swear by it, but am willing to try something new.

  16. Whim base and top coat are game changers! I am in love! Also loving Mod Square and Double Breasted Jacket by essie! :)

  17. The link for the shirt appears to be broken. :(

  18. How do you have time to change your polish twice a week? I do good to get a base coat on! It's usually chipping by the time I find time to put the first coat of color on. Lol!

  19. How do you get your nails to dry?? I would LOVE to pain mine that often, but almost always mess them up in the drying process. I have just resulted to constantly getting gel manicures!!


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