Monday, August 25, 2014

Favorite Things Party

It's Favorite Things Day! HOORAY!!!

I'm going to be super honest.... I had no clue what I was going to blog about today until about 5:40 p.m. last night :)  I had to run to Target to grab a couple of things and on my way toward the groceries I saw the CUTEST dress hanging on an end cap.  

I immediately loved the colors, the material and the stinkin' cute little kitties.  The dress is $15, which is technically more than the $10 limit... BUT if you buy the $14 cardigan with it you get one item half off which makes them $21 together.  Close enough to $10/each.  #girlmath

The mustard ruffles that I have it paired with are by Persnickety from last Fall, but THESE are adorable and at Target right now, too!  I would have bought them to go with the outfit, but they didn't have them in G's size.  I'm thinking about ordering them online though they're so cute!!

Same dress and cardi paired with Matilda Jane leggings (by the way... I'm hosting a MJ show online this Monday so if you want the leggings or ruffles I'm going to link to you can order on Monday!)

The sleeves look weird and bunchy, but here it is with a MJ layering tee and cyan ruffles...

And last with this sweet MJ jacket and the Persnickety ruffles.

By the time I got home and we had dinner it was too late for me to dress G up and snap some pics of her in the dress, but you better believe I'll have her in it soon enough and there will be plenty of pictures. :)

I also grabbed this coverup in a size 2 for next summer on sale for $9.

 Who was hanging out with me while I shopped??? One tired little boy... 

His eyes were actually closed when I went to take the picture, and he opened them as I snapped it.  Why was he so wiped??? He spent the day with Dave running errands and playing - and then I took him and Luke (and myself) to the dentist for cleanings.  It was his very first trip to the dentist and while we waited for Luke to get done he covered us with stickers...

... and watched his big brother.

He looked so big!!!


So... hurry and order the adorable dress and then link up and share your favorite $10 find!

Also - don't forget that tomorrow is Recipe Club!



  1. bahahhahahaah i love that #girlmath. That's exactly how I justify all my thrift store purchases :)

  2. Sweet Mason in that cart! Bless his little tired heart! And I cannot wait to see G in that cover-up next summer :).

  3. It's a shame G has nothing to wear with that cute kitty dress!!! Hahaha!!

  4. Love the kitty dress! Happy Tuesday

  5. OH MY GOODNESS…I love those ruffles…and that little target number is PERFECT!!! Your #girlmath comment made me think of this video…seriously, it's really weird but just keep watching-- It's hysterical…yet so accurate to convos I have with my husband!

  6. Just got the outfit!!! As I was checking out I remembered I had a $5 gift card from another promo. With my 5% Target debit card discount, my grand total was $17.91!!! SCORE! Thanks!!!

  7. Oh gosh, the last picture of Mason with the mirror is priceless! And love how you paired that dress with so many layering options! :)

  8. I claim it in Jesus' Name that one day I will have a little girl. I don't think my husband would go for me dressing the little guy like that. HA! Love all the outfit options. Oh and I am so glad Mason did well at the dentist. I am getting ready to take Jack next month and I am nervous about it. I never minded the dentist but my husband has had horrible experiences. I just don't want Jack to be scared. I am already praying about it a month in advance.

  9. That dress is to die for! Total score!

  10. That coverup is too cute!! Oh, girl clothes... :)

  11. That kitty dress is beyond adorable! Love your style and the way you dress sweet baby Griffin! She is too cute!

    Mason looked like he had a blast at the dentist!

  12. Love girl math! I do the same thing :) That shirt is adorable and is going to look so cute on G. Love all the outfit pairings, Love little girl stuff, everything is so cute and I want to buy everything!

  13. That little dress makes me wish I had a baby girl to put in it! Somehow, I don't think my husband would appreciate me buying it for our son:) Adorable finds, Andrea!

  14. Love those kitties!! Wow, what a good boy at the dentist! My kids would be having a total meltdown!

  15. I have to report back after my Target trip. They didn't have the dress with the kitties so we got it in the bunny print. I did get a skirt in the kitty print, though. But OH MY she loves that dress so much. She just prances around the house in it - it's so funny. I'm definitely going to be ordering the dress with the kitties!!


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