Monday, July 21, 2014

A Winner and a Weekend

Lots and lots to talk about today!!!  

Last Thursday we didn't even step foot outside of our house :)  It was POURING on and off all day and so we hunkered down and had a fantastic lazy day.

We started off with some rainy-day crafting.

I cut one paper plate into two umbrella shapes and then let them go to town painting them.

I taped on some ribbons and the handle and then the boys glued on some construction paper raindrops.

THIS is why I end up with Fisher Price Little People and no lip glosses in my purse :)

Mason asked to make chocolate chip cookies and I couldn't resist my little chef - so we got to baking.

Thursday night I was going through my phone and I found about 60 photos of my legs... Mason had been following me around taking pictures. #awesome :)

Friday morning the earlybirds lounged in our bed for a while and then we all got up and dressed and headed out for some errands and the mall.

We picked up our sweet Anna Grace on the way to the post office and the boys loved having her with us because they could ride up and down the escalator while I stayed with the stroller.  It's the little things, right? :)

We met up with friends for tacos and playtime...

And Presley and GG were TWINKIES!!!
(yes... this was planned.  Presley LOVES her some Baby Griffin and we figured she would be TICKLED if they were matchy matchy)

 And we ended the trip with more escalator rides :)

It was nice and cool outside and I attempted a selfie of my cute "fallish" shirt and scarf... but it was pretty much a fail. hahaha

Later in the afternoon Dave came home for a bit and I ran out for a couple of groceries and a green tea lemonade :)  He went back to work and the kids and I set out on a walk (seriously y'all... the weather was AMAZING!).  I look like a HOT MESS but I don't even care because as I was taking the picture of the three of them Luke goes, "Wait! Daddy can take the picture so Mommy can be in it!" :)

We walked, talked and scootered...

... and even made a stop by this landmark cemetery in the middle of our neighborhood.

Friday night Gibi stopped by and she barely made it in the door before the boys wanted her to read to them.

 Saturday morning was another beautiful day and called for another walk...
We spent the rest of the morning in a super glamorous fashion.... cleaning up the garage, folding laundry and mopping the floors. #iknowyourejealous hahaha

The boys did manage to have some fun.... parachutes...

... and playing and getting as dirty as possible :)

After lunch and naps I thought Griffin was lookin' extra sassy and so I took her outside to snap a few pics...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE that this girl is 15 months old!  I feel that she looks like a toddler more every day.

After our photo-op we came inside and she shopped while I got dinner ready and the boys played Legos...

 My attempt at keeping her hair out of her face (and away from her messy hands!) and her thoughts about it :) 

After bath time, dad stopped by and picked Luke up to take him to watch the new Planes movie and this was my night...

... laundry and baby feet :)

Saturday night I came across this picture of me and had two thoughts...
1) OMG - it's Griffin
2) I wish I had that top. hahaha

And one more...

Sunday morning my cuties were looking EXTRA cute!!!


We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon pretty much just hanging out and psyching myself up for a week of AP training.  Yes people, that's right.  I'll be in AP Math training every day this week from 7:45 a.m. until 4:30 pm in Dallas.  I'm excited to learn but I am going to miss my crew like crazy!

Speaking of getting ready for back-to-school I'm sharing some fun decor ideas tomorrow to get your family excited for this fun time of the year - so be sure to check back in!

Congrats to ELIZABETH CAVE!!!! Shoot me an email at and I'll get your beauty bag in the mail!

Happy Monday, friends!

PS - Look below for my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  There are some great bargains!!!
I like to think ahead to Christmas and was able to cross SEVERAL people off my list :)


  1. We had so much fun at the mall with you guys on Friday. There is no one on earth I love "pretending it's fall" with than you :). And listen, those umbrellas are sooooooo cute!! I need to do that with my kiddos too! And sweet G all cleaned up and in her pjs...precious :).

  2. What a cute umbrella craft!!! Have a great week of training!! We will miss you!!

  3. Such cute pictures. Can't wait for your back to school ideas. It will e here super fast!

  4. I shopped a bunch for myself but now I may need to go back and shop for my boys!

  5. Your kids are too cute for words!

  6. You are such a crafty momma! Great idea with those little umbrellas for a rainy day.

  7. Looks like a fun, fun weekend! Those are the best kind. :)

  8. favorite pic ... mason on that scooter!!!! love it!

  9. Your family is so cute! Can't wait for your post tomorrow!

  10. I can't get enough of your cute little family! Your photos are simply the best :) And the cute craft ideas you come up with are awesome! I seriously need to try some of these things with Xavier on a rainy day! Thanks for the ideas!
    Those pics of you and Griffin side by side are crazy! TWINS for sure!

  11. Your kids are the absolute cutest! Always look forward to seeing all of your pictures. I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, but what brand is your "good" camera? I am in search of buying a better quality camera than my point and shoot, but am not sure if I want to upgrade all the way to a DSLR. Do you have any thoughts/camera expertise? :)

  12. You guys are twins!!! So cute!!! Where did you get the boys shoes at? LOVE THEM!!!

  13. Miss Griffin is definitely growing up. She looks so big pushing that buggy!

  14. You have the best craft ideas!! Also talk to me about your sandbox!! Did you guys makes it?! It looks like a little boy's heaven!!

  15. Love the umbrella crafts! May have to do those this week as we have rain forecasted all week! Can't wait for your back to school post! Happy Monday girl

  16. That's wonderful your Christian school is offering an AP math class. It's so important to have those higher-level math classes available for the students. Good luck with the training!


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