Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Friday was the boys last day of VBS and when I tried to take their picture they wanted to move and take it in front of "dead Goliath".  It was a definite #boymom and #yesmom moment :)

EEEK! So cute!!! :)

We did our normal routine, and ate lunch in the car while we waited for the crazy traffic leaving Prestonwood to die down.  G looked so big sitting there eating her lunch!

SHUT UP! The cuteness!!!

We attempted a selfie :)

It was a challenge. hahaha

"Tell others about Jesus.  Always be ready to tell" :)

Quick naps and we were out the door and at Miss Sally's for the boys final day at swim lessons.  Luke was NOT looking at me because he was waaaaay too concerned about wearing his VBS bracelet in the pool :)

G (and her thighs) looked on and clapped...

Mason had NO interest in the water on Monday and by Friday he was really enjoying himself.

Luke did a FANTASTIC job!!!

He is so much more confident and I feel like with more practice he'll be swimming on his own in no time.

Miss Sally was AWESOME!

We big puffy heart love Miss Sally :)

The best part of the entire week was when Miss Sally's daughter let the boys pick prizes :)


Showing off his "swimmin' muscles" :)

Friday night the boys were WIPED and so they watched a movie after dinner and G took a bath in the sink.

I don't even want to think about the day when she's too big to take a bath in the sink!!!  I've been bathing babies in the sink for 6 years and I'm going to hate it when she's too big :)  Maybe Dave will get me a farmhouse sink (it's cheaper than another baby! hahaha)

Saturday morning G and I ran a couple of errands.  Ritz crackers are essential when shopping :)

My stroller was in the van and we were in Dave's car... so I did what any mom would do and stole a grocery store cart and took it into Bath and Body Works :) hahaha

Do what you gotta do!

Dave and the boys were out running errands, one of which was picking up Pei Wei for lunch.  How fun was it when I pulled out our lunches that I found this in the bottom of the bag?!?!?!  I don't even like orange peel chicken, but it still made my day :)

G is becoming a PRO at drinking from a straw.  AGAIN! Such a big girl!!!

Sunday morning we didn't snap a pic before church, so I attempted one when we got home.  Mason and G had both been asleep in the car and were PUMPED to take a Father's Day pic with Dave :)

Keeping it real!!!  :)  Best. Fathers. Day. Picture. Ever.

I felt like G and I inadvertently coordinated, so that warranted a pic.  What didn't warrant a pic was my CRAZY hair!  It was a late morning and all I had time to do was jump in the shower and blow dry my hair - no curling or flat iron. EEEEK!

We had been home about 45 seconds when Luke attempted to hurdle over a stack of pillows on my bedroom floor and launch himself onto my bed... except he tripped and cracked his head on the bed frame.  Ouch.  A few kisses and an ice pack later and he was fine.  No worries :)

I posted a few sweet pics of Dave with the kids...

And me with my dad for Father's Day...

But this status update from a mom of one of my students REALLY spoke to me.  I thought it was too good not to share.

 After naps, the boys went to the pool and out on the golf course with Dave and so it was just G and I at home for dinner.

I'm making a point to break out my "good camera" more...

... because as convenient as my iPhone is, it's just not the same.

Covered in peanut butter, possessive of her spoon and ROCKING some sparkles and curls :)

Her favorite part of dinner???


After dinner it was so fun to see her play by herself (no brothers to chase, protect toys from, etc.).

She took all kinds of stuff out of the cupboards and pushed them around in the shopping cart.  Babbling the entire time.

She is DETERMINED to open my dishwasher...

... and all my drawers :)

It was a sweet time "just the girls" and I missed the boys... but they had a blast with Dave (and I didn't have to touch a fish!)

This weekend I finished up several DIY projects and tomorrow is going to be all about Red, White and Blue!  I looooooooooove patriotic summer decor and can't wait to share some of mine with y'all!


  1. Love that falling-over Father's day pic!! :)
    G "shopping" in your kitchen is too cute!!

  2. I think it's super smart that you fed your kiddos lunch while the traffic died down after VBS. That's a really good idea! Griffin did look so big sitting there eating her lunch! And Miss Sally is awesome!! We big fat puffy heart her too!!

  3. LOVE the Father's Day pics! That will be the one you laugh at years from now!!

  4. That father's day pic of everyone in mid fall is priceless!!!! So funny ...

    Got my MJ order in! Can't wait for that cuteness to arrive! Yay!!!

  5. That Father's Day pic is EPIC!! We just recently started bathing Finley in the kitchen sink instead of her baby tub, and it is life-changing! ;)

  6. That Father's Day picture, best ever! You'll cherish that forever! The sink bath, too cute!

  7. Are you kidding me with how cute these pictures are !!! Such sweet babies ! You are blessed mama!!!

  8. The pic of Dave with the kids? HILARIOUS. Love that you went ahead and kept snapping pictures instead of, oh I don't know, helping him?!? SO FUNNY!

  9. Oh my gosh--the Father's Day pics are priceless! Love!!!

  10. such a great idea to have a car picnic. And your kids...seriously so cute!!!


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