Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father's Day Pics

Every year for Father's Day I like to get the boys special shirts.  This year I decided to get all THREE kiddos cute shirts, take a picture of all of them in them and frame it for Dave's office.  One day after VBS, lunch, etc. I decided to get them all dressed and ready and attempt a picture.  I had pretty low expectations (I mean, seriously... having three of them looking at me and being somewhat photogenic all at the same time seemed like an impossible feat!) and I started off with just Luke and Griffin since Mason was being uncooperative (What?!?! Mason?!?!?! Uncooperative?!?!?! - hahaha)

I took Griffin out of the chair to get Mason situated (I was bribing him with paci time at this point) and snapped these gems that kind of sum up the boys relationship right now:

"Oh, what's that mom??? You're saying smile??? How about I do exactly the opposite of what you're asking me to do. k?"

Mason looks at Luke like this about 90% of the day.  The other 10% of the time he's yelling NO!



This whole event transpired over the course of about 4.5 minutes and I was beyond excited to get a picture in my first attempt.  I still can't believe I HAVE THREE KIDS! :)

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