Sunday, April 7, 2013

Luke's Birthday

Sunday night I tucked in four-year-old Luke for the very last time.  I snuck in some extra snuggles :)

I had Monday off (Easter weekend) and so did Dave (it's his normal day off) and so we started the birthday off with pancakes, scrambled eggs and strawberries.  Both boys were too into their food to bother to look at me for a picture.

Luke and Dave headed off bright and early to LegoLand and Mason and I set off on a morning of errands.  We were picking up a few things at Target when I noticed that my normally talkative companion, "uts dis, mommy???", was quiet.  

Sweet boy was passed out COLD!

After Target and Lowes and a couple of other stops we headed to the Country Club to blow up a few balloons for Luke-Man. Mason was lookin' extra cool in his sunglasses...

When we got home Mason really wanted to jump on his new trampoline and he wasn't going to let the fact that it was in the box stop him!

Luke's surprise balloons... a giant Lego fire truck an other various Lego City balloons.  He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when he got home :)

Luke requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate chips for his class on Tuesday and so I obliged.  My plan was to order them from Kroger, but homemade won out :)

Mason and I hung out in the afternoon while we waited for Daddy and Luke to get home:

... and when the boys got home we ate dinner and then headed out to meet Gibi and Haha for some FroYo. It was a GORGEOUS, sunny day and both boys sported some shades:

Gibi and Haha brought Luke's present to the yogurt place and he was OVER THE MOON about it!!!

On Tuesday, Luke's teacher texted me this picture of him standing by his birthday sign on his classroom door.  He's sporting a chocolate cupcake face and his birthday necklace from Mrs. Clow :)

When we got home from school the festivities continued when Mason decided that standing on Luke was the best way to watch Caillou. 

We ended the night with baths - where Mommy got to sneak in a few pages.  I'm reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" which is TOTAL chick-lit, but I'm loving it :)

I don't think I"ll ever get tired of the after-bath baby smell :)

And THIS is what my kitchen table has looked like for the past week - except now there's even more on there.  Luke got TONS of Legos for his birthday and has been putting them together all week.  It's hard for me to mind the mess when he'll LITERALLY spend 6 + hours in a row playing with them :)

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