Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lilly is EIGHT!!!

I still can't believe this sweet girls just turned EIGHT!!!  
(This is a pic I took of her after she had just turned two)

Her party was this past Saturday afternoon and we had to wake Mason up from his nap to go.  He needed daddy's hat and a pair of sunglasses to face the day :)

It was a cupcake decorating party and was SUPER cute.  Luke is wearing the cupcake pinata as a hat :)

Here are Luke and Lilly at her party last year and this year.  Two observations:
1) They've grown up soooooooooo much!
2) They're both wearing almost the same outfits as they were last year :)

Luke made himself at home and sat RIGHT next to Lilly while she opened her gifts.  She is SOOOOOOOOOOO beyond sweet to him and didn't mind at all :)

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