Saturday, February 16, 2013

Proud Mama

Luke makes me a proud mama all the time (well, almost all the time - hahaha), but here are just a few "Proud Mama Moments" from the last couple of weeks.  

We were pulling in to carpool on a super foggy morning when Luke informed me that "we weren't in carpool" but, in fact were, "on the top of a mountain in the clouds".  LOVE his creative mind and imagination - makes this mama proud :)

Proud of his helpful nature and sweet sweet spirit.  Helping daddy rake leaves on a Sunday afternoon.

Proud of his outgoing nature and ability to comfortably and politely talk to grownups. Here he is hanging out with some of his besties that we see on our morning Starbucks runs.  

Proud of his caring spirit and soft heart :)

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