Monday, November 19, 2012

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day at school was this past Friday and at MCA it's a school-wide event.  Each grade level performs a song around a particular theme.  This year's theme was "Around the World" and Pre-K and K sang (and signed) "Jesus Loves the Little Children".

Luke was super excited for the day and we were too.  Here he is walking in with his class... he was looking for us :)

Blowing his Gibi a kiss :)

They had this super cute video/slideshow that they played while grandparents were walking in and Luke was featured on it!  They asked him why he loved his Gibi and Haha and although I don't remember it word for word, it was something about how they smile at him and give him hugs.  The best part of the whole video was that they put subtitles on it so people knew what he was saying. :) So stinkin' cute!

Getting ready to sing...

Concentrating hard:

After the performance, grandparents were invited to come back to the classroom.  Luke was a little bit excited to see his Gibi and Haha :)

... and they were a little bit excited to see him as well:

Too bad this kid isn't loved AT ALL. hahaha

Saying bye to his friends before Thanksgiving break:

When did my little man get so stinkin' big?!?!?!

After the classroom visit, they headed down to my classroom and we played on the SmartBoard.  Luke wrote his name and was super excited to show Gibi and Haha how the board worked.

Gibi and Dave had to head back to work, so Haha, Luke and I headed to the donut shop to get a treat.  Luke picked picked a turkey-shaped donut whose m&m eye didn't make it into the picture because I'm pretty sure he ate it before we sat down :)

Luke loves his Gibi and Haha and was beyond thrilled to get to share this special day with him.  It was totally surreal to me that my parents were at school as grandparents since for years we've talked about how "one day" they'll be coming to Grandparents day and here it is!

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