Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Neighbors

The Smiths just moved into the neighborhood (well, kind of - close enough), and we were lucky enough to be their first official dinner guests :)  After dinner we headed out to the backyard to let the kiddos play - prepare for TONS of pictures.  I tried to edit them down, but in each one I thought someone's expression was cute.  So I just posted them all.

Masons face in the picture below cracks me up :)

We tried to put Mason and Maggie on the teeter totter to get a picture of them together, but Mason got kind of freaked out...

We tried to get a group picture, but Mason wasn't too sure about being on the wall.  I've mentioned before that he can be mildly dramatic - here's some photographic proof:

We tried to get Luke to hold onto Mason (so he wouldn't fall off), but Mason didn't want Luke to hold him.  Oh, drama.

Look how SWEET!!!!

Look at how Mason and Maggie are staring at each other :)

Mason still isn't walking and he wasn't the biggest fan of crawling in the grass.  Again with the drama.

He kept doing these weird "yoga poses" trying to keep as many limbs out of the grass as possible.

Even his hands in the next pictures are dramatic.  Really, Mason?!?! IT's GRASS!

Thanks so much for having us, Smiths! Dinner was delicious, dessert was AWESOME and the company was great. We're so glad that you're in the neighborhood :)


  1. Oh my gosh! Mason is cracking me up in these pics :)

  2. He's mellow most of the time, but when he decided to be drama - WATCH OUT! :)


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