Thursday, December 29, 2011


Last Wednesday night we put on our comfies (which for Luke apparently includes rain boots) and headed over to Deerfield to see some Christmas lights. Mason was SUPER excited :)
Luke is READY to go.
Jonathan and Tori had told us great things about the Deerfield neighborhood and I had seen comments all over FB about it, but really wasn't sure what to expect. Let's just say we were pleasantly surprised... This one house had a 15-minute light show complete with music that you tuned into on the radio.

We sat and watched it for a while, but after about the first 3 minutes Luke was restless and more impressed with the fold-down mirror in the Jeep than the light show. hahaha
Not every house had TV screens mounted on their facade, some had blowup Thomas the Trains which I think Luke thought was even better.
And others had the entire cast of Disney characters...

We drove around, laughed and sang and had THE BEST time. Mason slept until we pulled back into our driveway and Luke didn't want to go home. Can't wait to do this again next year! :)

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  1. This was our first year to go to Deerfield too and we LOVED it!


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