Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween: Trick Or Treat!

This first picture was taken before Mason's mysterious 72 -hour fever, feeling puney, don't put me down virus set in... isn't he sweet?!?!?! Not 30 minutes later he was screaming his little (big! hehehe) head off and went to bed - missing his first trick-or-treating experience! boo! Our pumpkin :)
Two of my students (who are sisters) live in our neighborhood and stopped by to trick-or-treat and say hi to Luke and Mason. Here's Luke with Lizzy :) He was too busy staring at other trick-or-treaters to pay any attention to me...

Luke has ZERO fear of people and NO concept of stranger danger, so trick-or-treating is right up his alley... Uncle Mark, Haha and Daddy took Luke trick-or-treating while Gibi and I stayed at home to snuggle with sick MAson and pass out candy.

Luke walked right into this lady's house because she had "a really awesome aquarium" he wanted to see. GREAT!

Checking out all of his loot at home (this was always my favorite part of HAlloween - MArk and I coming home and spreading out all the candy and sorting, eating and trading!)

I think that the candy was making his dimple extra big :)
Lizzy stopped by with her sister Alex after Luke was already in his (really old, yet favorite) PJs

I wish Mason could have gone out too, but next year he'll be toddlin' along with Luke! CRAZY!

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