Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Combo Meal

When I started thinking about Halloween all of a sudden I got the idea that Mason could wear the hot dog outfit Luke wore on his first Halloween, Luke could be a hamburger and they could be our own little combo meal :) When Old Navy put their costumes online I think mine was the first order they received. hahaha Mason is ALMOST sitting up, but not quite, so we skipped the pumpkin patch this year and opted to do some pics out in our yard last Monday afternoon. We tried to use some pumpkins and other items to "prop" Mason up on, but he was entirely too squirmy, so we had to resort to dragging the big blue chair outside...
I could just EAT THEM UP!!!
I think I'm the only person, but I still don't see that much resemblance...

Mason had had enough :)

So funny...

All smiles again after a little pep talk :)
Luke wanted me to take his picture "all by hisself"
Hard to believe that three years ago he was the little halloweenie!

This picture cracks me up - Mason's face is too funny and Luke's expression while telling DAve that his costume "was itchin' him" makes me smile :) Happy Halloweenie!!!!

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  1. These pictures are SO precious!!! I've never thought they looked alike, but I definitely think they resemble in these pics! Especially those pretty eyes!!!


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