Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tuesday, September 6th

These pictures are from back on the 6th. We went to an impromptu dinner at Dickey's and then decided to head out to the golf course for a walk since the weather was so pretty. This was Mason's first time to sit in the front of the stroller! :)
We picked Gibi up on our way to the golf course - as you can tell we really had to twist her arm to get her to join us. hehehehe

Luke got sprayed by the (stinky) golf course sprinklers...
... which is why he was SOAKED!

Dave was super excited about having his picture taken...

So he returned the favor :)

By the time the sun went down Mason was OUT like a light. Sweet boy!

We are sooooooooooooooo beyond excited about the cooler (dear Canadian relatives, we consider "cooler" weather to be anything under 90 degrees) weather we've been having. We feel like we've been trapped inside with the blinds shut for the last 3 months and we can't wait to get out and play!!! Expect LOTS of outdoor pics in the next few weeks!

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