Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...


Last Friday I couldn't wait any longer and so I drug the boxes out of the attic and got Halloween all set up at our house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE HAlloween decorations - I think because I have super fond memories of Halloween growing up and because it's just so fun! Here's my eating area... This year I incorporated A TON of laboratory glassware into my decorating. Some have tealights inside, some are filled with candycorn or other candy and others are empty.
The Mantle has scary books and then lab glass mixed in with tealight holders...

Mantle at night...

On one corner of my kitchen counters I filled a cake stand with pumpkins and tulle and put out the plate that we went and made a few weekends ago...

Behind my kitchen sink... In the bottom left you can see a beaker with a candle in it, at night it looks like it's filled with glowing liquid. SO FUN!

The haunted house I found at Tuesday morning on a clearance table about 5 years ago. It was supposed to have glass windows and tealight holders on the back, but since they were all broken I just put some vellum scrapbook paper in there and when the light shines through it looks really neat.

Kitchen counter and buffet table in the front hall...

So glad I got it all up early - now we get to enjoy it for more than a month. I still need to put up all of my cobwebs and finish a few more projects, but for now it's looking festive!


  1. Love it, love it, love it, love it! I especially LOVE the mantle! Love it!

  2. Visiting from SUYL--I love the idea of using beakers and books to decorate! Your house is gorgeous!

  3. Love all your Halloween decorations, they are just GREAT!


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