Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentimes Day

Yes, I am aware that it's ValentiNes Day not ValentiMes Day, but this is how Luke has been saying it :) The night before Valentines Day I worked on getting Luke's Valentines surprise together... And putting the finishing touches on the special projects he and I had been working on for Daddy and Gibi & Haha...
I also finished up making Valentines for his class at school:
Luke LOVES to hug and has actually been reprimanded at school for hugging too much (he has been known to hug and knock a kid or two down in the process).... so I thought these "bear hug" valentines were especially appropriate this year.
On Monday morning he was up bright and early (I may or may not have made extra noise while getting ready to ensure that I'd get to see my little Valentine before I left for the day) :)
We let him crawl in our bed and gave him his surprise - he was IMMEDIATELY captivated with the Cars movie...
... and of course Hot Wheels are always a big hit.
That day at school I had my own Valentines surprise arrive - a handmade card from Luke, Sour Patch kids, a Sonic Strawberry Limeade and tulips! I completely forgot to take a picture :(
That night The Shulls had us over for small group and Luke spent the majority of the night pushing around Kensington's stroller.
At first we thought it was empty... that was until Nathan tried to take the passenger out and Luke FREAKED!
What was he carting around in that hot pink stroller?!?!?! A teeny tiny "prince man" as he later relayed to me. :)
After dinner and some serious play time (as evidenced by Luke's sweatiness and disheveled appearance) it was time to attempt a group photo...
On Tuesday Luke had his Valentine's "party" at school. I use the term "party" loosely, as both Gibi and Dave reported that the partying involved watching the kids eat a heart-shaped cookie and attempt to drink out of bottles of water. :) I had a class during the party time and opted out, but Gibi was there to capture the whole event...
Luke was very upset (and very sweaty) before the party started because he had to put away the trucks he had been playing with. It's rough being at school :)
Eating their sugar-free Valentines treats (oxymoron, I know)
Luke and Daddy:

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