Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break - Part IV

Luke is growing like an absolute weed! So much so that when he woke up one morning his two big toes had busted right out of his pajamas! (size 12 - 18 months by the way)

I love these pajamas and will probably be trying to "reinforce" the toes sometime soon :)
Why is he growing so fast?!?! Apparently, despite what it looks like in the picture below, some of his food is making it into his mouth :)
Another trick we picked up over Spring Break is putting things in our mouth (i.e. a dirty sock) and then crawling around or pulling up with it still in our mouth


  1. Funny pictures. Thanks for sharing. Good times.

  2. I laughed out loud at his toes poking out of his pajamas. That is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen! What a precious little guy you have! :)


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