Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites - Fall Tops Edition

Happy Friday, friends!

Erika, Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES this week and we'd love for you to join us!

It has FINALLY felt like Fall this week which has me breaking out all kinds of my FAVORITE wardrobe pieces for cooler weather and so I thought I'd share my latest finds that have me SO EXCITED about Fall!

All of these tops are by Free People and from Nordstrom which I love because of the free shipping and super easy returns.  The selection this Fall has been great and I've really enjoyed adding a few fun tops to my closet.

First up is  this blush ruffle hoodie which I am OBSESSED with.  The color is so pretty (and popular right now!) and y'all know how I feel about a ruffle.  I paired it with these olive moto leggings and was super comfy (but also cute!) for school.

 I think this will be so cute with gray jeans, regular denim and even black.  It's warm, but not heavy and hot and I got so many compliments on it!

I kept the leggings on and switched the top out for  this wine-colored thermal. The color is perfection, it's insanely soft and it has THUMB HOLES!!!  This top comes in several other colors and I have my eye on the heather gray.

Plaid and I are having a moment this Fall and I'm loving these plaid options because they're loose and flowy (because is WAY too hot for a flannel right now!), but the color/pattern screams Fall.

The colors on  this tunic are awesome and it's long enough that you could definitely wear it with leggings.  

I have  this plaid top in two colors and I can't decide which one I like more.  They're the PERFECT weekend top (throw on with jeans and a baseball cap and you're done!) and I love the mixed plaids.

I've worn them casual with  these sneakers but it can easily go a little bit dressier with some booties.

This oversized rose sweater is the coziest thing in my closet right now.  It's a perfectly chunky knit, soft and warm and the prettiest shade of rose.

Last, this tunic is on repeat all Fall.  The pattern and colors are beautiful, the fit is PERFECTION and I know I can throw it on and look put together.  I paired it with  these wedges (the most comfortable wedges of all time!) and loved the look.

And here it is in the second color.  This one is awesome for Fall and would look great with  this scarf (in gray). 

So there you go!  I hope you enjoyed my picks and found some Fall-wardrobe inspiration :)  Thank you so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and you can click below to shop all of the pieces I was wearing in my pictures above!

Next up on my list of FAVORITES is the pumpkin bread and muffin mix from Trader Joe's!  It's so easy to pull together, fills your entire house with the best smell and is absolutely delicious!  I'm planning on making it this weekend with applesauce instead of the oil and will let y'all know how it goes.

I know that I just shared my Halloween decorations, but I grabbed  this turkey bucket last week and can't stand how cute it is holding kitchen utensils on our island.

Look at those little tail feathers!

These three were looking so cute in their hoodies this week but getting a picture for me to send to Gibi and Haha was NOT their FAVORITE :)


Math is quickly becoming Mason's FAVORITE subject and I'm definitely not mad about it!

And we've been soaking up the good weather every chance we get even if that means a driveway picnic for dinner...

... with messy ice cream for dessert :)

Mason has even been practicing his spelling words out on the driveway....

... before we head out on a little family walk.  We always have to make a pit stop at this one house down the street that has the BEST decor. #goals ;) hahaha

The house across the street isn't bad either - except that they have a CREEPY CLOWN peeping out of their front bushes.

Griffin's class has been learning all about Noah's Ark this week and they even had a petting zoo come to school yesterday.  Her teacher sent me these and I'm not sure she's ever been happier!

Look that that smile!!!  Feeding the piglet was her FAVORITE!

I mean!!!

And another mom snapped this of my FAVORITE first grader yesterday and posted it in our Facebook group and I got a good giggle out of it :)  

Happy HAPPY Friday, friends!  Our plans for this weekend include football, Bingo night and the fair.  And speaking of the fair - Dave and I haven't been since high school and we've NEVER been with our kids... so if you're Texas State Fair pros leave me your tips in the comments :) 

PS - The clothing links above are affiliate links and thanks again to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!


  1. Oh my gosh!! First off, I love all the tops! That chunky sweater looks so cozy!! But all I can really focus on is that baby pig!!! I would have wanted to put him in my purse and bring him home! ;) So cute!!
    That Inspired Chick

  2. I love your pink knit! It looks so lovely and cosy!


  3. Oh Andrea! You guys will have a great time at the fair!

  4. Hi Andrea! I'm a Free People loyalist as well but their sizing sometimes has me all over the place. Do you mind sharing what size you took in the mixed plaid tops?

  5. Oh gosh, Those tops are adorable on you!! So cute!

  6. OH my goodness gracious. Mason seems like a hoot. Must be so fun to be his mom. :). GiGi was absolutely precious with the animals. Me thinks she needs a piglet of her very own. And all the praise hands for Trader Joe's pumpkin bread. Finally, I am a Free People fanatic too. Loving all your fall tops. Happy weekend. I hope to get my Friday Faves up this afternoon after I get home from school.

  7. Love that wine colored thermal!! So many cute tops! Yay for driveway picnics, that's so fun!

  8. Okay, I have so many thoughts to your post today! First, that blush top is super cute. I love how you typically wear flowy tops ... I'm so short that I can't ever figure out how to make them work without looking like a blob. Also, your attempt to grab a photo of your kiddos is pretty much how every family photo we try to take turns out. I'd love to find out the secret. Finally, that turkey utensil holder is the best. Love it!

  9. FYI it's Texas/OU this weekend so super crowded :) we normally go on the Sunday of TX/OU and it's better than Saturday. Little helping hands on the farm for griffin and maybe mason. Petting zoo. Food And fiber has a huge butter sculpture. Auto show is my boy's fave. We don't do any of the games 🙈

  10. Love both of those Free People tops!

  11. I can't wait to read your Fair recap because we are planning on going next weekend. I thought about this weekend but with it being the Red River Shootout, I got nervous about crowds. Since we just moved here and have no idea what we are doing, I'm hoping people will chime in with advice. Otherwise we will just wing it ; )

    1. Hi, Melissa,
      I am not an expert (or a blogger 😉), but we've done the fair 3 years in a row and having a plan helps it be so much more fun!

      We start by the Chevy Main Stage, go up to the Petting Zoo, LoneStar Show, Tractor Pedal Pull, Little Hands Farm, through the Midway for a couple of rides/games, over to the stadium for a picture (Hook em!!) and find some food (we did the Tower Building food court this year), to the Ferris Wheel, over to Kid's Boardwalk (fun and free shows and kids' activities), down to Big Tex and the Car area (Ford has challenges for everyone to do and Nissan has a mini Warrior Course), and then back up!

      We spent Year 1 wandering and tired so I planned it out Year 2 and love it so much more!! Good luck!

    2. Thank you so much! We are definitely looking forward to the ferris wheel, Big Tex and the food ; )

  12. GG + those glasses = way too cute!!! Happy Friday!!

  13. I just adore your boho style. All of the looks are so so cute. Digging that necklace you have going on. Tell me more about that!

  14. I noticed GG's shoes at the pep rally. Have you discovered my favorite Amazon product? Perfect for keeping their shoes tied until they're old enough to get the concept. My girls love these: Homar No Tie Shoelaces in 13 Colors for kids - Best in Sports Fan Shoelaces - Elasti...

  15. Seriously, that picture of Griffin in those glasses is the cutest. :) That pumpkin bread looks amazing, and I am in LOVE with that turkey bucket. I don't think I would ever put it away!!

  16. Don't go to the fair on Saturday. It's OU-Texas, and the fair is so crowded. It's the worst when the game gets out. You came barely move around the Cotton Bowl for about an hour, and cell phones have trouble working because there's too many people. Go on Sunday.

  17. The pics of Griffin killed me. She is such a little mama, loving on all those animals:) Those free people plaid tops are a find! I love a contrast flowy top, until the day I die lol:)))

  18. So much fun in one post! I love that first picture with the glasses -- what a cutie! And gimme all the cute fall clothing!

  19. We LOVE our fair!! Hope y'all have such a fun weekend, girl!

  20. I love your style so much! Those tops and dresses are just too cute! Great post. Thanks for the link up.


  21. So many cute parts of your week but a petting zoo for the Noah's ark unit is the cutest idea ever! xoxo ERIN

  22. Trader Joe's pumpkin bread is delicious with just a can of their pumpkin in place of all other ingredients it calls for!

  23. Hi! Do you mind what size you wear in the Free People tops? Sometimes I try them on and feel like I'm just swimming in fabric!


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