Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday FAVES

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Well - week one of summer is in the books and it was GLORIOUS!!!  I wish I had more photographic evidence of what a great week it was but just know there was reading and relaxing and friend time and all the things and it was just PERFECT!

Speaking of perfect - I grabbed a couple of shirts for the boys and this is Luke's new FAVORITE :)

We've had bonus kids at our house this week which is always a FAVE..,

Luke got to spend some time last weekend with some of his favorite friends at the lake...

... and we had a turtle randomly show up on our patio this week which we THOUGHT might be Chips but, alas, it was just another cutie box turtle. 

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!  We fed him some superworms and a strawberry and set him along his way!

Another FAVE from the week was Mason fishing this little brown snake out of our pool and then accidentally almost throwing it on himself.  DYING!!!

We hit up one of our FAVORITE places to serve as a family...

.... and went on lots of walks (Mason's FAVORITE way to walk is barefoot!)

We did one of my FAVORITE errands...

.... and knocked out our first puzzle of summer.

Outside time has been a FAVORITE this week...

... and cross country started back and, despite the early mornings, has been a FAVORITE!

Last, but not least I've been loving  my new FAVORITE bag.  I'll share more details this weekend on IG stories so check over there for more peeks!

This weekend my boys leave for youth camp with church and I have big plans to continue my summer declutter.  Bound and determined to make it through my list this year!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Poor Mason; I'm laughing with him not at him :). Good luck with the purging and thanks for hosting.

  2. What a fabulous start to your summer!!

  3. You're already living your best summer, friend!

  4. It is starting to feel like summer here. It's warming up and we only have a few weeks left of school. It looks like you have had a great week with lots of fun! What a great start to your summer!