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Printable Valentines

   My Valentine printable post is one of my most viewed and most requested posts every year and I love that the post just continues to grow!   This year I haven't had a chance to create any new printables as life has just been SUPER full and busy - but if I do I'll let y'all know and will add them to this post.  The great news is I have DOZENS shared below ;)

When I design printables I create them in a 4x6 format that you can right click, save to your desktop, upload to a photo printing service (I use Walgreens) then fold in half and staple to the top of a  cellophane bag with a treat inside or directly to the top of a snack (you can find the cellophane bags that I like  HERE or pick them up at Hobby Lobby).  The kids write their names (and the names of their classmates if the teacher prefers that) on the cards with Sharpie and we're done! 

It's the norm at our school to do little "favor bags" instead of just a card or candy.  Any of the ideas that I share today would totally work as a card if attaching a little favor isn't what your family or school does!

Pop-its are EVERYTHING right now and this would look cute with a large pop-it in a cellophane bag or with one of the little key fob ones looped through a hole punched in the card.

Mason wants to give bags of chips as valentines day (LOVE!) and how cute would this be stapled to the top of a little snack size bag?!?!

His second request was sour patch :)  

Griffin is giving out water bottle stickers (we're putting a few in little cellophane bags).  Cute animals for the girls and Dallas Cowboys for the boys.

 I think this one would be PRECIOUS with heart shaped glasses for everyone of if your kids are a little bit older maybe hearts for the girls and "cool" glasses for the boys.  

This basketball printable would be really fun on top of a bag filled with basketball chocolates or little basketball "stress balls".

I fell in love with these cute bug watercolors and couldn't resist making a bug themed card :)  A few little bug toys and/or some Hershey kisses would be perfect!

These would be fun attached to little gemstone ring favors, a geode that kids could take home and crack open. or even some rock candy!

I mean - nothing wrong with some good ol' fashioned heart Valentines.  I would be HAPPY to receive this attached to a bag of  the best Valentine's day candy around :) 

I think Mason may do this pizza card this year with the little pizza slice paddle balls.  I also love the pizza pencils!

I thought that this little rainbow clipart was the CUTEST and this card would be so sweet attached to a bag of skittles, jelly beans, etc. 

I had several requests for a new cat printable so here you go :) 

I think that it would be SO CUTE stapled over the tops of  these headbands (in between the ears so the card won't slide off.  They're 24 for $10 and are FUZZY!!!

And here are a few other options...

My boys have always loved Ninjas...

... and there are TONS of cute little favor ideas that you could pop into a bag.

When I asked what kinds of valentines cards y'alll were wanting I got a BUNCH of requests for pandas which I thought was funny.

I think that this would be cute stapled onto a package of Hello Panda cookies or to these socks if you weren't trying to do an entire class :) 

Another popular request was Paw Patrol...

And the idea that I had that I'm most excited about is this one... all three of my kids are going to sign these cards, and staple them to a cellophane baggie with a scrunchie (or two) inside. 

I found this package of 45 scrunchies for SIX DOLLARS and I was so impressed by the quality when it came in!  I hate that these pictures are so dark - but just look at all of those colors!!!

I know that even if girls don't wear scrunchies in their hair they're ALL wearing them on their wrists.  They're great quality!

I couldn't resist this taco...

... and there are tons of cute options out there if you search Cinco De Mayo...

I think that some of the cutest little favor options are dino-related...

I feel like Jasmine is everyone's favorite princess right now...

... and how cute are these...

Here are a couple of Harry Potter options...

Ideally he wanted to give out  these bookmarks...

... but since he has plans to give out close to 40 we decided that  these glasses and  these lightning bolt tattoos in a little cellophane bag would be a better option.

Mason and Griffin had less initial opinions on what they wanted to give out and were more interested in browsing the party favor selection on Amazon :)  From there we came up with several ideas and corresponding treats and the plan is to order a variety of both and then pick a random one for each of the students in their classes.

I LOVED this idea - 

- and LOVED that  24 of these planes are $8 :) 

Everyone loves  a slappy hand...

... and I always crack up because one time at the dentist office Mason picked one out of the prize box and proceeded to get it stuck on the ceiling.  Our sweet dentist had to stand on the exam chair and peel it off :)  These are $8 for 24 as well.

And  these light up rings are always a big hit when my kids get them as party favors and they were high up on the request list by both Mason and Griffin...

A set of 18 rings is $10 and they would be cute on their own or with a glow necklace/bracelet in the bag as well.

You can always find  army men in bulk and a little bag of them with this printable attached OR one taped to the inside like a card would be fun.

At first Griffin wanted all things unicorn and rainbow and glitter - we had to rein her ideas in a bit (we weren't sure the boys would be super pumped about a glitter unicorn necklace and they ask that all the valentines in PreK are the same) so we decided to put 10 or so GIANT water beads in the little bags and attach them to this...

If you didn't catch my post on water beads over the summer you can check it out  HERE and the water beads I bought to give out are  HERE.

Mason was introduced to "squishies" by one of his classmates and he was DESPERATE to give them out as his valentines so we obliged and I made him this...

... and he'll put  one of these little squishies in the bag, fold the card over the top, staple it and call it a day.

And my FAVORITE was when Luke requested "Wonder" valentines.  How FUN and creative is that?!?!

We found  bookmarks and  erasers that we'll put in his little bags and he is SO EXCITED!

I feel like this one would be so cute with  these little puppy figurines and they're only $7 for 20!  Throw a couple little Hershey Kisses in there with the figure and call it a day!

Cacti are SO CUTE right now and I think that  these "growing" cacti would be so sweet (you'd probably need to print off a little piece of paper telling the kids to submerge them in water - but they say they grow to 2-4 times their original size!)  And $17 for 48 of them seems like a steal!

Luke is always SO INTO everything planets and I think this would be perfect with any of the little favors below OR some donut holes (get it?? planets?!?!) ;)

Everyone loves a good s'more and I think these would be so cute with s'mores supplies or a little snack mix with teddy grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.

Who doesn't love a narwhal?!?! ;)  While I couldn't find any narwhal favors, candy or stickers I think that you could easily attach these to a cellophane bag of silver Hershey's kisses.

Y'all know we LOVE us some cats in our house right now :)  Squishies are SO MUCH FUN and  this 9-pack of cat squishies is such a bargain!  A sheet of cat stickers, a kitty tattoo or even a pair of party favor sunglasses would be fun as well.

There are SO MANY cute unicorn things out right now and I think any of these would be precious as would a baggie of the pastel-colored goldfish crackers, mini marshmallows or even skittles!

I think these would be so cute with a little baggie of friendship bracelets.

I made this one for my boys last year...

...and then ordered this package of 144 Pokemon figurines for under $20.  There were enough for both boys to give all of their classmates 3 each and then they made extras for friends who aren't in their classes.  I also picked up these cellophane bags and then we were ready to go!

I was skeptical about the little figures, but they were actually way better than I anticipated.  They arrived the day after I ordered them (YAY!) and the boys had so much fun picking out which ones to give to each of their friends.  

And I shared these ideas last year, but here we go again so that everything is in one place :)

These dinosaurs are $7/dozen and would be a great alternative to candy and these tattoos are $5 for six dozen!!! 

If you have a girl who loves lip smackers as much as mine these might be for you :)  And here's a pack of 8 lip smackers for $9.50.  A little bit pricey... but depending on how many you need it could be a great option.

I feel like everybody loves pirates, and these would be cute with a cellophane bag of chocolate gold coins attached to it (or if you couldn't find chocolate gold coins Rolos would work!).  Or if you're trying to avoid candy you could do pirate eye patches (click HERE for a pack of 24 for $7) and/or bandanas.

And now... just in case none of those floated your boat here are some from years past!

First up is something girly and fun!  I used Annie's Bunny crackers and they turned out precious!


My kids love Barnum Animal Crackers and this one is great for boys or girls (or as a party favor for a circus party!)


Is there really anything better than a Little Debbie brownie??? :)  These football ones are sporty and fun!


And of course, Star Wars :)


Here are Luke's Minecraft valentines from two years ago...


And Griffin's...


And Mason's...


This was Luke's Valentine from a few years ago.... I filled the bags with crayons and skittles :)


And then three years ago...

I picked up the Lego shaped candy at our local "vintage" candy store :)

This was Mason's a couple of years ago and it had one of my Monster Cookies inside...

Griffin's were apple-themed :)


and my friend Amber used the same printable, but with GoGo Squeeze! CUTE!

These were little food tents I designed for a small group dinner a few nights ago, but last year lots of people were super creative and used them for lollipops, pop rocks...

... applesauce, goldfish, swedish fish...

... clementines, banana runts...

... uncrustable sandwiches and berry fruit snacks...

And I got the biggest kick out of seeing everyone's pictures! :)

I hope you found something you can use and hopefully get a head start ;)  

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!

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