Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Magic Popcorn: Easter Edition

Happy Easter week, friends!  Not sure what your plans look like for the upcoming weekend but if they involve anything with a group of kids (or adults with a sweet tooth!) I've got you covered...

I will firmly stand by the statement that Easter candy is the best candy and I really had to limit myself when making this little spread. 

Honestly, I would have been perfectly fine with a heaping plate of just Reese's eggs :)

Mini cadbury eggs, Ghiradelli dark chocolate caramel sea salt eggs and Annie's bunny grahams..

... peeps are gross beyond the first bite but I have one who FREAKS OUT for some peeps so I had to include them :)

They're super festive so I didn't protest too much.  The sour gummies at the top are "sour patch bunnies" which just looked like weird sour patch kids - but they tasted as delicious as regular ones so it wasn't a total loss.

SUPER easy, crowd pleasing and festive.  This would be so cute for a pre-Easter movie night or to pull out as an evening treat with family when you're playing games.  Make sure if you make one though that you don't make the same rookie mistake I did and FORGET JELLY BEANS! Like... what was I even thinking?!?!!

If you make one I'd love to see it!  Tag me or send me a pic :) 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Family bonfire this weekend and I actually had thought about making something like this. Thanks so much for the visual!!

  2. SO fun! M&Ms are my fave! They melt a little with warm popcorn! Yummy!

  3. Just Reece's and mini eggs for me! YUM!

  4. I feel so stupid asking, but what do you do with the candy? Do the kids just drop it on top? Mix it in? Put it in a side bowl and alternate with the popcorn?