Thursday, March 25, 2021

Day in the Life - Saturday Edition

Today I'm sharing a "Saturday in the Life" from last weekend because I get the "when do you have time for yourself" comment a lot when I share work days and the answer to that is "on the weekend!"

Most Saturdays we wake up to this cutie in our bed.  NOT MAD ABOUT IT! :) 

She came down around 8 and we snuggled, watched some cartoons and hung out for a bit before getting up and waking up the boys.  If we don't have anything on Saturday morning we definitely don't wake kids up but we had somewhere to be so we ended up waking the boys up around 8:30.  

\Everyone ate breakfast and then piled into my bathroom so I could get their hair looking photo-ready :)  Rosie did not want to be left out.

Mason is ready to go :)

We always do family photos in the Fall (we used to do Spring photos when they were teeny since they changed so much in 6 months but haven't done that in years) and this year I really wanted a great photo of each of the kids since the boys are having "milestone" birthdays.  We really wanted photos that were them right as they were 13 and 10.  Emily is a super talented photographer who has taken some absolutely stunning studio photos of friends of ours and so we headed over there to get the pictures done before our day got rolling.

I can't wait to see how they turn out!!!  Emily is so talented and she got some great images.

When we were leaving her studio we got to meet her neighbor who had not one but TWO English mastiffs.  HEAVEN!!!  We officially decided that Rosie MUST have a friend but we're going to wait a few years - can you EVEN with how sweet this pair is?

Dave and the boys headed home to take the dogs on a walk and get some things done around the house (ran the vacuum downstairs, cleaned the kids bathrooms) and I took Griffin to her first volleyball game of the season.  She's been working hard on her serve and it showed!  So much improvement since last season.


After the game Griffin and I ran through the car wash and then hit the grocery store...

... and when we got home (around 12:30) Griffin joined the boys outside for lunch and playing and I got some meat marinating for dinner...

... and then took my lunch outside to eat while I graded tests.  Typically I try not to take grading home over the weekend but all 6 of my classes took tests on Friday (the last day of the grading period) and report cards were due Sunday night so I had to get them done.

I ate and graded and the kids played, cleaned some leaves out of the pool and giggled nonstop at Rosie using the pool cleaner as her personal water fountain.

A little more grading with some strawberry cake...

... and then Luke got picked up to go to Top Golf with a friend and these three and I hit the road to run a couple of errands including picking up some plants and things..

... and stopping to get worms for the turtles and Gary P (and check out the kitties).

When we got home Mason and Griffin colored for a bit and then they watched a movie while I got some zucchini bread in the oven...

... did a little dinner prep...

... cleaned up in the kitchen...

 ...gave Gary a bath, put a few things on our "kitchen calendar" for the week and got some produce from our earlier grocery trip put away.

This going in my airpods made the time fly.  Honestly - this kind of time at home is totally how I relax.

"oooh! mom!  What's that smell???" :)

Dave got home and we got dinner going while Mason and G played outside.  Luke's trip to Top Golf turned into hang out which turned into dinner and then more hanging out (sigh - preteen life) :) and so it was just the 4 of us.

Burrito bowls for the win.

We ate, hung out and played a couple rounds of cards and then took Rosie and Jack Bauer on a walk around the neighborhood.  We always have to stop at the park to let Rosie slide :)

Luke got home around the same time we got back from our walk, everyone got showered and into pjs and the boys watched some Marvel movie upstairs with Dave while Griffin watched a movie in my bed and I finished up my grading.  Before watching with G I took a shower and then did my "special" skincare routine... on school nights I'm pretty basic (wash, serum, the end) because I feel more pressed for time but on the weekend it's full maintenance mode.

I used the glycolic peel pads first, then cleansed with the cleansing balm and used my PMD to really get after it.  I use the retinol face and eye serum and massage that in with my jade roller, do a lip scrub and then use the water drench moisture drench on top followed by the gold eye treatment mask.  It's a WHOLE THING ;)

I was OUT before 10:00 p.m. which NEVER happens during the week.  GLORY!  Dave and I had plans to watch a movie after the kids were in bed but I didn't make it that far. hahaha

I'd say that this kind of Saturday is fairly "typical" in that there's usually some kind of sport and some kind of social thing happening.  I hope you enjoyed the peek into our weekend!  If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments :)


  1. Your face routine is LEGIT. Can't wait to see Emily's pics of the kids!

    1. Listen - it's a wild and crazy Saturday night UP IN HERE :) hahaha

  2. Where did you get that week calendar you showed in a picture with your menu and schedule for the week?

    1. I picked it up at Homegoods but the brand is elum and it looks similar to this one (perforated pages, same layout, etc.)...

  3. Where did you find that weekly planner you posted a picture of in this post?

  4. Yay I love love a day in the life. Thanks for sharing. You get a ton done. I love productivity too. Listening to Podcasts helps me power it out.

  5. I just texted you. I'm dying. That's all. Bahahaha!

  6. Hello! What are the dimensions of your pool? We are getting ours in the summer. I read your blog everyday :) I truly enjoy it!

  7. I can't believe you have to wake your kids at 8:30; if my boys ever slept that late I would be afraid they were no longer living! My boys have been super early risers.

  8. You know we are all gonna ask for that fajita recipe cause I need it in my life and it looks like an easy go to!

  9. Can you share your burrito bowl recipe? I’m curious what kind of rice, pita bread? And white sauce that it? Looks yum!

  10. Do you have a recipe for the pesto pasta that you had for lunch? It looks so delish!