Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Favorites

HAPPY Friday, friends!     Erika and I are so happy that lots of y'all are linking up with us and if you're linking up with us make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

Earlier in the year my phone was dragging and lagging and anytime I would go to take a photo an error message would pop up saying my storage was full. I deleted apps, deleted tons of photos and adjusted my phone settings to "optimize storage".  It wasn't until a week or so later that I realized what I had done and when I realized I couldn't undo it I was crushed.  In optimizing my storage I had lost my text thread with Manda.  Gone.  

Words of encouragement I'd sent her when she was doing treatment that she had replied to with concern about MY day... as if somehow anything I was going through could pale in comparison to what she was dealing with.  A video of Miley eating breakfast at my house saying "love you, mama" that I'd sent her while she was doing a drug trial in another city to which she had responded with the most loving words or her baby girl.  Conversations between her and I working through details for kids parties she knew she wouldn't be there for.  A text telling me she was dropping off a birthday surprise on my doorstep a week and a half before she passed away - Manda was ALWAYS thinking of others even when no one would have blamed her for thinking only of herself.

While I may not have those texts anymore the memories of our conversations still make me smile and make we want to live more like she did.  She loved and trusted Jesus completely and fully and His love shone so brightly through her.  

Love and miss you, Manda!!!

After a week at home (and virtual school M-W of this week) Griffin literally SKIPPED into dance on Monday night to see her friends.  She outgrew her leotard recently and I got her a couple of new ones from the Bloch website (if you asked about this one or the one with the tutu skirt that's where they're from!)

Another FAVORITE is Mason getting ready for football season :)  

Sunshine is our FAVORITE!  
(rainbow dress is Rylee and Cru)

Back at church last sunday and looking SO HANDSOME!  That little face is my FAVORITE!

Over the weekend Mason and Griffin made an "art show" where they had lots of their pieces on display and available for purchase :)

When they get creative and play together it's seriously my FAVORITE!

Virtual school means making it WORK! Used a few of my FAVORITE things to get some videos filmed...

These two cuties ready for a birthday party are my FAVORITE!  

I've had a lot of questions recently about  my white puffer coat.  I got it last year and have worn it way more times than I thought I would.  The collar is great, it's light but SO WARM and I love that it covers your rear when you sit (think cold bleachers!).  My color is old but the same parka is on sale for $100 off  HERE and both colors are GREAT!  I sized up a size so I could wear it over bulky sweaters and the fit is great.

Our new FAVORITE game is  Codenames.  It's seriously so much fun.  I'd say it's probably best for 8 and up... Griffin can play but there are some words she struggles with a bit (not the reading portion but the synonym part).

Griffin LOVES to facetime her friends and my FAVORITE part is finding dozens and dozens of screenshots like this on my camera roll :)

These two hanging out playing basketball together is one of my FAVORITE afternoon sights...

But for REAL when did this kid get this tall?!?!

Luke snapped this on our way to school yesterday - so crazy gorgeous!!!  Definitely my FAVORITE part of having to get up early :) 

Rosie's FAVORITE place?  Directly next to the turtles :)  We brought them home during the storm and they'll go back into their big enclosure today but Rosie has LOVED watching them!

Back in my classroom with all of my kiddos - FAVORITE!  We were virtual M-W due to storm damage and the kids were up there with me on Wednesday while I was getting my room put back together and some things prepped for the week.

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I'm glad that y'all are doing well & are back at school! I'm sorry to hear about your text thread getting deleted :(. I'm glad that you have such amazing memories to remember her by though. I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I lost my text thread with Manda as well, and I didn't realize it until I tried to look at it this week. :( I did watch her coffee house chat again this week, and it takes my breath away every single time. She was 1 of a kind.

  3. I am sorry that you lost your texts and videos from your friend. I lost a friend last year and I miss her so much.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It's so incredibly painful to have that empty place in your life where a dear friend used to be. One of my very best friends died 2 years ago... she sounds a lot like your friend, always thinking of others despite what she was going through. When I upgraded my phone shortly after she died, my heart absolutely sunk when I thought I'd lost my text chain with her, but luckily, because we'd used fb messenger 95% of the time, I just needed to log in to see our messages. I'm sorry to hear that you no longer have those memories, it is a real loss.